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 Bridge Inspections
    KDOT uses a proactive, methodical schedule to inspect bridges. Inspections can use one or more techniques such as visual, underwater (checking for erosion of bridge piers underwater), hands- on, or using special testing instruments such as ultrasound. We perform the inspections using our own engineering staff or we may hire an engineering consulting firm, depending on the circumstances.

  • KDOT inspects all bridges on the state highway system at least every two years, which is federal law.
  • Large structures which carry a significant amount of traffic are inspected every year.
  • Bridges needing special monitoring are inspected more often when necessary.
  • If a bridge gets a rating of 5 or less on the 0 to 9 Federal Highway Administration scale of condition guidelines, KDOT will do a yearly inspection, which is above and beyond the federal standard.
  • If a bridge gets a rating of 4 or less, the federal government requires an annual inspection.

  • Southeast Kansas Flooding, July 2007
  • All of KDOTís bridges in southeast Kansas were inspected in July 2007 in the wake of widespread flooding early in the month. None suffered significant damage.

  • Non-state Bridge Inspections
  • Local governments are responsible for inspecting their own bridges. Some of them do the inspections with their own staff, but most are done by consulting engineers.

Last updated : July 28, 2008