Local Consult FAQ

Thank you for your interest in KDOT's Local Consult meetings. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about these meetings, scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Why should I attend these meetings?

Your participation in these meetings will help shape the state’s transportation system for the future.  Because we don’t know what the world (or Kansas) will look like in 2045, we’ll use scenario planning as a way to envision the future and examine how different issues may impact transportation.   Working together, these discussions will help KDOT make better decisions about future transportation needs and investments in Kansas. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend to make their voice heard. We  recommend legislators, city and county officials and community leaders participate in these discussions.

What will happen during these sessions?

Most of the meeting  will involve scenario planning.  The input you provide during these sessions will be used to develop long-term strategies for delivering transportation in the future.  Transportation investments are designed to last decades.  We need to make sure the decisions we make today will still serve us well into the future.

We have allocated the first hour of the meeting to capture new and emerging project ideas.

Does this have something to do with T-WORKS?

Yes, in a way. T-WORKS is the name of our state’s current transportation program.  , and Local Consult meetings inform the planning process for future transportation programs.

We have learned much from the T-WORKS program, not just from individual projects, but also how we engage with stakeholders and policymakers and how future programs may need to be organized and delivered.   Your participation at these meetings, and at follow-up meetings this fall, will help shape the foundation of any future transportation program in the State.

How do I sign up?

Please let us know which meeting you plan to attend by contacting Mike Moriarty, KDOT Bureau Chief – Transportation Planning, at 785-296-8864 or Michael.Moriarty@ks.gov.

How is this different than other listening sessions the state is conducting this summer?

These discussions are specifically focused on transportation.  We know that transportation investments can generate economic growth, improve public health and provide more opportunities to all Kansans.  These sessions will focus on how we can utilize transportation investments to drive better outcomes across the state – in both urban and rural areas.

I want to talk about a specific project. Is this the right meeting to attend?

These interactive meetings will focus more on discussions that help all of us think about future transportation needs in Kansas, including the best ways to move people, freight and information in the State.

However, we will have time during each of the meetings to hear about new projects that communities and citizens would like to discuss. If you have project information that you have not yet shared with us, this is a great opportunity to deliver that information. If you have a short fact sheet or similar product you’ve prepared, we will collect that as well.

Between outstanding T-WORKS projects, earlier listening sessions, and more recently, the Joint Legislative Transportation Vision Task Force meetings held last Fall, Kansans have shared a list of projects they’d like to see completed – a list that exceeds $18 billion. A list of those projects is available here.

We will focus more on individual projects and priorities during the next round of Local Consultation meetings as we continue to determine the scope of the next major transportation program. We hope you will attend both rounds of meetings.