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2002 - Governor's Transportation 2000

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Transportation 2000 study group.

Governor Bill Graves first convened the Transportation 2000 study group in June 1998 to review the state's transportation needs. The group's efforts resulted in passage of the Comprehensive Transportation Program (CTP) in 1999.

The Governor reconvened the group in September 2002 because the state revenue shortfall caused by the nation's economic downturn could impact the completion of the CTP as originally envisioned by the 1999 Legislature. The 2002 Legislature did address transportation funding by passing House Bill 3011, which increased motor fuels tax and vehicle registration fees to shore up the CTP funding.

In his request for the group to reconvene, the Governor told its members, "I believe it is important for the public to understand how much the state transportation program will be impacted should funding for the CTP continue to be used to make up the State General Fund deficit."

Governor Graves asked the study group to:

Review CTP funding,
Confirm the future status of the CTP
Discuss these issues at several public meeting across the state.

Study group chair Mary E. Turkington presented the group's report to Governor Bill Graves on Monday, December 9, 2002 in the Governor's Office at the State Capitol.

         The study group's report informs the Governor of what it learned during public meetings held on four consecutive weeks in October in Fort Scott, Overland Park, Dodge City, and Wichita. The report documents the overwhelming support of Kansas citizens for the Comprehensive Transportation Program and provides recommendations to Governor Graves.

          The full report, in PDF format, is accessible by clicking the link.