Kansas Department of Transportation "...to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas."
Honest Assessments. . . Real Results

The Partnership Project
Bullet Definition
  Bullet A top to bottom review of KDOT by KDOT and its advisory group. The goal is to find ways for the Department to provide better customer service and become a more efficient agency.
  Bullet The Partnership Project will focus on finding ways to better serve both internal and external customers.
  Bullet While it will examine ways to cut costs, it is NOT designed as a workforce reduction plan. In other words, it's not a matter of how many people are working at KDOT-it's a matter of how those people are working for each other and for customers and partners outside of the agency.
Bullet Project Structure
  Bullet An external advisory group chaired by Mike Lackey, former Assistant Secretary of Transportation/State Transportation Engineer, will provide input and evaluate information gathered from internal and external customers.
  Bullet An internal advisory group of KDOT employees will provide input and evaluate information gathered from internal and external customers.
  Bullet An outside consultant will facilitate the information gathering process.
  Bullet Information will come from one-on-one interviews, focus groups and surveys of stakeholders both inside and outside of the agency.
  Bullet After evaluating information, the advisory groups will make recommendations. The Secretary will consult the Governor and decide which ones to implement immediately and which require more study.
Bullet Secretary's promises for the project
  Bullet Open and transparent. As information is gathered and synthesized, findings will be provided internally and externally as quickly as possible to minimize fear and build understanding for the recommendations.
  Bullet Timely. The schedule anticipates a completion date of November 2003.
  Bullet Stakeholders will be heard. KDOT will seek information, opinions and suggestions from all corners of the state and from both internal and external sources.
  Bullet Action and accountability will go hand in hand. Once recommendations and an implementation schedule are adopted, KDOT will provide updates of the progress.
  Bullet Honest assessments… real results. Above all, The Partnership Project aims to get honest assessments about the way KDOT does business which can then be turned into real results thereby improving the agency.
Bullet Final analysis
  Bullet At the end of the Partnership Project, we aim to have a working blueprint on how we will make the business of KDOT even better and more consumer oriented


The results will go beyond a "final report" with ideas put into action on both small and large scales.

Bullet KDOT will provide regular updates on idea implementation so that all who are interested can see the progress KDOT is making toward making government work better