KDOT  Discovery Phase Expectations


NOTE: The following list provides guidelines for State  Bridge Office Discovery Phase work. It is not intended to be all inclusive.

Traffic Accomodation (Determined by KDOT with Consultant  input)

  • State Route detour
  • Local Route detour
  • Sho-fly detour
  • Offset alignment
  • Traffic thru construction (staged construction)
  • Special traffic "events" to avoid
  • Conflicts with other State and/or local projects
  • Accident Data


  • Review Bridge SI&A data for functional obsolescence
  • Consider width requirements for AADT, % Trucks, accident data, route continuity
  • Consider vertical & horizontal clearances
  • Consider bridge rail , modify or replacement options
  • Estimate bridge width and approximate length needed


  • Review Bridge SI&A data for structural condition
  • Review Load Ratings
  • Review Bridge Packet for maintenance problems
  • Is a Bridge Deck Condition Report needed
  • Repair, Rehabilitate or Replace
  • Propose feasible scopes
  • Select appropriate structure types to consider
  • Select LL & deck protection, route continuity requirements (heavy  industrial)
  • Type of survey needed: Total replacement, substructure reused


  • Review Bridge SI&A data for scour, debris problems, and hydraulic adequacy.
  • Review inspection files for Underwater Inspections, Scour Calculations
  • Start Hydraulic Assessment Checklist (existing structure, drainage data,  reports)
  • Review FEMA Maps, Drainage Reports
  • Type of hydraulic survey needed: Special study needed, typical bridge survey
  • Contact District for historic highwater information

Report Summary

  • Scope or scope options
  • Estimate of TS&L
  • Cost estimate or estimate range
  • Type of field survey needed
  • Other things which could affect the project

Additional Work (add to Discovery Phase)

  • Historical Preservation considerations (if necessary)
  • Hydraulic survery and study
  • Structural Analysis: Rails, Superstructure, Substructure, Foundations

This page last updated:  August 22, 2013