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Chapter 3 of the LRFD Bridge Design Manual

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3.1 Introduction

(Updated 10/28/13)

  • Published

3.2 General Design and Location Features

(Updated 9/23/08)

  • Under Development

3.3 Loads and Load Factors

(Updated 3/07/13)

3.4 Structural Analysis and Evaluation

(Updated 4/7/08)

  • Published

3.5.1 Concrete Structures

(Updated 5/17/13)

  • Published

3.6 Steel Structures

(Updated 4/10/13)

  • Published

3.7 Aluminum Structures

(Updated 1/01/07)

  • Under Development
  • Under Development

3.8 Deck Drains

(Updated 9/16/13)

  • Published

3.10 Foundations

(Updated 11/01/13)

  • Published

3.13 Railings

(Updated 8/27/13)

  • Published

3.14 Joints and Bearings

(Updated 4/2/13)