The KDOT/KCE Liaison Committee has a commitment to improving quality, communications and cooperation between the Kansas Department of Transportation and the consulting engineering firms. Several joint initiatives have been explored over the past several years. We are soliciting input on how effective these efforts have been and how to continuously improve.

Please complete the KDOT/KCE Report Card.

KDOT/KCE team efforts have been focused on one or more of the following categories:

Cost Savings

Customer Satisfaction

Improved Efficiency

Safety Concerns

Improved Work Process

Improved Work Product

Recommendations have been made which:

Improve coordination and communication in utility relocation activities.

Improve the vouchering, retainage and audit processes.

Develop processes to identify and accelerate select projects.

Modify the KDOT Design Manual.

Enhance communications between resources in plan development.

Improve timely development of surfacing recommendations.

Establish pre-qualification categories and definitions.

Improve the project evaluation process; develop PET form.

Improve critical path project scheduling methods.

Improve the KDOT/Consultant Standard of Care policies and procedures.

Compare Local Project procedures to Standard Design procedures.

Formalize the Constructibility Review process for plan improvement.

Investigate methods to improve plan quality.

Review Design-Build process and determine applicability to Kansas projects.

Review and improve consultant selection and contract processes.

Current activities include:

Review KDOT surveying procedures and policies.

Review of the new Drainage Manual when completed.

Continue efforts to identify issues and resolve each efficiently.

Project evaluation and reporting.

Pilot program on field/plan review during construction.

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