FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have a question, submit it to: BLPinfo@ksdot.org

Before submitting new questions, please check existing questions listed below to see if your concerns have already been addressed.

Also, these FAQ's will be periodically updated. You should check occasionally to see if new information has been added.

Q: I would like to get on the State bidders list for Underground work. Do you post the bids on a web site?

A: Please contact KDOT's Bureau of Construction and Maintenance (telephone no. 785-296-3576) for information.


Q: Where can I get information on the Kansas Airport Improvement Plan?

A: Please contact KDOT's Division of Aviation (telephone no. 785-296-3833) for information or visit there web site at /divAviation/default.asp.


Q: I am searching for the RCB Details Request Form on the web site, but I have not been able to find. The form is said to be on the web site and can be downloaded for our use?

A: RCB Details Request Form are located on KDOT's web site, listed here: /burDesign/bridge/rcbinput.asp, the form is developed in SI units only but can be used for English units submittals. If have any questions please feel free to contact the Bureau of Local Projects Bridge Design Section (telephone no. 785-296-3861).


Q: I would like a copy of the New Design Guide Out (Guidelines for Geometric Design of Very Low Volume Local Roads (<400 ADT). How can I obtain a copy of it?

A: The publication is available through AASHTO at:

444 North Capitol St., N.W.
Suite 249
Washington, D.C. 20001

or via email at https://bookstore.transportation.org/


Q: We are designing a bridge replacement project. This project is a Bureau of Local Projects project. We would like to view the LP standards. Are these available on your KDOT web site? If so, could you please let me know the web site address. Thank You!

A: If you are just interested in looking at what standards we have, the link below will list all the latest standards KDOT has.
Now this is just a list of the standards and it is a free service:

If you are interested in downloading and viewing the latest KDOT standards for implementing into plans, the link below will
get you to this location:

You will have to click on the Link "Engineering Standards", and then if your company has an account
with the Information Network of Kansas (INK), type in your "UserName" and "Password" to get to the files.


Q: How can I become a Subscriber to INK (Information Network of Kansas)?

A: If your company doesn't have an account, and your company would like to become a subscriber to INK.
The link below should give you the information needed to become an INK subscriber:
http://www.kansas.gov/subscribers/ or call (800) 4KANSAS (800-452-6727).

Q: Can you give me the Road Supervisor, County Engineer or contact person you have on file for the following counties?


A: Contacts for these Counties, and the rest of the Counties and Cities in the State, are listed on our Web Site. We also have a list of Engineering Consultants. Simply click on our Web Site link: /burlocalproj/Default.asp then select CUSTOMER DIRECTORY and then select the appropriate contact you wish to find, (CONSULTANT, COUNTY, CITY). You need Acrobat Reader pdf.gif installed on your machine to view and print these Contacts.

Q: Are R/W forms available for download from your web site? Specifically I need to have form 1303 & 1303a.

A: Currently we only have the project request forms out there. We plan to have additional forms out on the site in the near future. Simply click on the link: /burlocalproj/Default.asp and select DOCUMENTS/FORMS/FILES. However, the 1303 forms will have to be an exception. Reason being: for Federal Aid Projects, we must have Final Environmental Clearance (FEC) before R/W can be procured (offers made). Therefore, we wait until we receive FES and then send the 1303 & 1304 forms out the Local Agency. We do this in an attempt to eliminate the possibility of the Local Agency’s Federal Funds being jeopardized by procuring the R/W prior to the FEC. However, this does not preclude the Local Agency from completing all the R/W activities up to making offers prior to obtaining the FEC.

Last updated: August 1, 2003