ARCHIVES: Public Announcements and News


KDHE, KDOT and State Farm Announce "Bucks for Buckles" 8/25/11

Labor Day DUI Crackdown Coming in Kansas 8/15/11

Special I-70 Traffic Enforcement Set 6/20/11

Click It or Ticket 5/18/11

KTSRO - Teen seatbelt enforcement for SAFE Program 2/24/11

It's a 'Super' Mistake to Drink & Drive 1/31/11

NHTSA reissues 15-passenger van safety caution 1/5/11


Kansas Law Enforcement Can Issue Tickets for Texting While Driving Beginning Jan. 1 12/27/10

Kansas Program Honored with National Highway Safety Award 9/27/10

Child Safety Seats Prevent Prevent Tragedy in Horrific Salina Wreck 9/22/10

Safety Event to Highlight Free Inspections of Child Passenger Safety Seat Installations 9/14/10

DUI Crackdown Coming in Kansas 8/17/10

DUI Crackdown Coming in Kansas 8/10/10

Texting-While-Driving Ban Debuts in Kansas

Primary Seatbelt Enforcement - No More Warnings 6/28/10

Primary Seat Belt, a law you can LIVE with 5/27/10

New approaches to increase seat belt use in rural counties 3/10/10

KDOT Sponsors Fourth-Annual Sobriety Rocks Scholarship Competition 2/10/10

KDOT There's nothing 'super' about drinking and driving 02/01/10


KDOT New Teen Driver's License Rules Take Effect in 2010 12/17/09

KDOT Event Illustrates the High Price of Drunk Driving 08/25/09

KDOT Event to Illustrate the High Price of Drunk Driving 08/17/09

KDOT Sponsors 3rd Annual Sobriety Rocks Scholarship Competition 04/06/09

Don't let green beer lead to an orange jumpsuit this St. Patrick's Day 03/10/09

KDOT and Jiffy Lube Send Clear Message 03/03/09

Kansas Highway Fatalities at Record Low 01/21/09

There's Nothing Super about Drinking and Driving 01/27/09


St. Patrick's Day "Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving" 03/11/08

2nd Annual Sobriety Rocks Scholarship Competition 03/10/08

Youth Traffic Safety Month Scholarship Contest 04/11/08

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 04/21/08

Seatbelt Survivor Highlights KDOT's 'Click it. Or ticket.' Event 05/15/08

July 4th too often ends in tragedy 07/04/08

KDOT Event Highlights Drunk Driving's Toll and Law Enforcement's Response 08/20/08

Kansas seat belt usage improves; Fatalities drop 09/19/08

Nationwide safety campaign to target employers 09/30/08

Safe Kids Booster Seat Release 10/02/08

Teen Driver Safety Week 10/14/08

Designate Sober Driver before Celebrating 12/17/08


DUI Penalties 07/07

CIOT Radio 1 06/07

CIOT TV Ad 1 06/07

CIOT Radio 2 06/07

CIOT TV Ad 2 06/07

OTLUA Radio 1 06/07

OTLUA Radio 2 06/07

OTLUA TV Ad 06/07

CIOT and OTLUA Script for Media 04/07

Click It. Or Ticket To Help Save Lives 05/07

"Boost Your Love" 02/07

Designate a Driver before the game begins 01/07

Kansas seat belt usage improves for 2007

KDOT urges motorists to buckle up during Thanksgiving travel week


Buckle Up In Your Truck 11/06

Deer 11/06

In My Time 09/06

Seatbelt Usage Improves 09/06

You Drink. You Drive. You Lose. 08/06

Crackdown on Drunk Driving 08/06

I-35 Corridor 08/06

Reno Co Aggressive Enforcement 07/06

Move Over Law 06/06

CIOT Media 05/06

Seatbelt safety takes front seat in Kansas 05/06

Cinco de Mayo Spanish 05/06

Police on Look out for Seatbelt violations 05/06

CIOT over Memorial Holiday 05/06

Prom 04/06

Cinco de Mayo 04/06

Driver Sober St Patricks Day 03/06

Wyandotte Co Aggressive Enforcement 03/06

'Boost Your Love' Carnival 02/06

Governor promotes seatbelt use at carnival 02/06

'Boost Your Love' Carnival Media 02/06


Click it or Ticket May 18/05

Enforcement K-177 March 03/05

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose Radio & Script 1

CIOT Radio & Script 1

CIOT Radio & Script 2

Enforcement U.S 59 March 03/05

Kansas Adult Seatbelt Rate Shows Slight Increase, But Child Seatbelt Usage Declines Aug 05

You Drink, You Drive, You Lose TV & Script 1

CIOT TV & Script 1

CIOT TV & Script 2