Kansas Department of Transportation "...to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas."
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 Glossary of Planning Terms/Acronyms

Terms and acronyms commonly used in Transportation Planning are defined below.

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K thru M
  • KARS – Kansas Accident Records System
  • KDDPP – KDOT Drunk Driving Prevention Program
  • KDOT – Kansas Department of Transportation
  • KLINK – City Connecting Link Resurfacing
  • KSBEO – KDOT Safety Belt Enforcement Office
  • KHP – Kansas Highway Patrol
  • KTA – Kansas Turnpike Authority
  • LRFA – Local Rail Freight Assistance
  • LRS – Location Reference System
  • LTPP – Long Term Pavement Performance Program
  • MARC – Mid America Regional Council (Kansas City's MPO)
  • MIS – Major Investment Study
  • MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • MUTCD – Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices