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 Glossary of Planning Terms/Acronyms

Terms and acronyms commonly used in Transportation Planning are defined below.

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N thru R

  • NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act
  • NHI – National Highway Institute
  • NHS – National Highway System (Federal funding category & established system of roads)
  • NBIP – National Bridge Inspection Program
  • NCHRP – National Cooperative Highway Research Program
  • NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • OJJDP – Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • PCAG – Planning Computer Advisory Group
  • PMS – Pavement Management System
  • PSE – Pavement Structural Evaluation
  • QC/QA – Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • RCRS – Road Condition Reporting System
  • RWIS – Road Weather Information System