Storm Water and Water Pollution Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a copy of the NPDES Permit?

KDOT Project Permit Packets are obtained from the Bureau of Design - Environmental Services Section. Copies are distributed to the KDOT District Office.

Local Authority Project Permit Packets are obtained by the Local Authority (project sponsor). To obtain copies please contact the Local Authority.

How do City/County's obtain NOI's?

The City/County should obtain NOI's prior to letting projects following the 2 following methods:

1. With SWPPP; KDHE approves NOI. In this case, the Local KDOT Office (Construction/Area Office) must provide the contractor a copy of this SWPPP as soon as the contract is awarded. If the Contractor wants a different SWPPP, they must submit that SWPPP to the Local KDOT Office. The Local KDOT Office will then submit it as a revised SWPPP to KDHE. Submit using the same form as state projects, except mark revised.

2. Without SWPPP; KDHE approves NOI conditionally. The condition being that a SWPPP must be submitted prior to any work starting. These are to be handled just like the SWPPP on state projects.