Audio Broadcast of Bid Letting

***Bid Letting Live Audio Broadcast starts at 1:30 P.M. Central Standard time***

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To listen to the New Live Audio Broadcast

KDOT's implementation of streaming audio allows computers connected to the Internet to listen to live 'streaming' audio for the public reading of contractor's proposed bids and announcements. This technology provides an unique opportunity to participate in the bid letting process by allowing anyone to listen from virtually any PC and/or smartphone with access to the Internet.

Computers will connect to this multicast stream and play the audio via Windows Media Player. This stream will be a live broadcast, but due to data transfer latency, a delay of approximately 10 to 30 seconds is typical.

Windows Media Player should start automatically. If Media Player has never been used, the user may be prompted for settings before the stream can be heard.

The multicast stream will only be active approximately 15 minutes before the letting time the day of the letting and the session will end at the conclusion of the bid opening.

To listen to the audio broadcast of the bid letting through a conference call, dial (866) 620-7326.   The conference code is 5895748207