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Listed below are resources available for Bridge Designers in the KDOT State Bridge Office.
CD's and other information can be obtained from Loren Risch, P.E..

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars CD-ROM
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Epoxy - Coated Reinforcement CD-ROM
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Slab Bridges Workbook CD-ROM
Contech Steel and Aluminum Structural Plate CD-ROM
American Concrete Pipe Association ACPA Resource Catalog,
Concrete pipe Design Manual, Pipe Pac 2000
Sweet's System Sweet's CD -1997 & Spring & Fall 1999,
Sweets CD Spring & Summer 1999
American Galvanizes Association Technical Binder CD-ROM
Continental Bridge Prefabricated Bridges - 2000 CD-ROM
SI Geosolutions Earthstopping Solutions CD-ROM
Minnesota LRFD Minnesota LRFD Bridge Design Manual CD-ROM
National Steel Bridge Alliance Newsletters, Informationals,
AASHTO/NSBA Collaborations,
MSM Bridge Crossings
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. Installing N-12 Storm,
Sanitary Sewer and Culvert Pipe
American Concrete Pipe Association Box Car - Version 2.0 CD-ROM
ACI American Concrete Institute Website
AWS American Welding Society Website
American Iron and Steel Institute American Iron and Steel Institute Website
PCA Bridges Portland Cement Association Website
PTI Post-Tensioning Institute Website
TRB Transportation Research Board Website
U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Website
ASTM International American Society for Testing and Materials Website

Thermoplastic Plastic Pipe
for Highway Applications (AASHTO)

National Transportation Product
Evaluation Program

Thermoplastic Plastic Pipe for Highway Applications
(AASHTO Memorandum)

PDF Document  PDF Document
WORD Document Word Document

Watson Bowman Acme

Wabo™  Watson Bowman Acme Corp.



Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems.


Bridge Design Workshop

Ninth Annual Bridge Design Workshop at KSU.


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