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Railroad Crossing KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroads Railroad Crossing

The instructions on this page are guidelines to help use the KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroads.
  • Pre-Field Check Data to Railroad
    • Survey data
      1. Track stationing equation, crossing angle, and direction of stationing
      2. Estimated mile post (Show on plans)
      3. Top of rail elevation - 1000' each way along all tracks
      4. Utilities within Railroad right-of-way (Plot and label on plans)
    • Construction Layout
      1. Label track (Mainline, Mainline No. 1, Spur, Siding, etc.)
      2. Show crossing station, angle and direction of stationing
      3. In Title Block, show Railroad mile post (US-169 over UPRR at MP 46.89)
      4. Plot and label Railroad right-of-way limits
      5. Plot and label utilities within Railroad right-of-way
      6. Show Construction Clearance diagram
      7. Show vertical and horizontal clearance to centerline of the track
      8. Show Railroad access road location, if any
      9. Show crash wall, if any
      10. Show footing clearances, if any
      11. Show bridge rail types, on Railroad right-of-way
      12. Show embankment berm protection (Type and slope)
      13. Notes:
        • Deck drainage
        • Ditch drainage
        • Demolition requirements on Railroad right-of-way
        • Falsework / Shoring submittals
      14. Attach initial KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroad form
    • Request information from Railroad
      1. Verify mile post and track stationing
      2. Label or verify label on each track
      3. Address adjustments to track profile
      4. Address future track needs
      5. Address future access road needs
    • KDOT Standard Sheets
      1. BR105 SI - "Railroad Clearances and Track Protection"
      2. Rail standards as appropriate
    • Attach Project Schedule (Target dates for:)
      1. Survey
      2. Field Check
      3. Plans Complete
      4. Letting Date
      5. Notice to Proceed
      6. Notice of Acceptance

  • Field Check Data (Invite Railroad)
    • Verify data on the plans and KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroad form
    • Confirm number of existing tracks & access roads, and additional tracks or road requested by the Railroad
    • Confirm Railroad profile grade as surveyed, or any grade changes requested by the Railroad
    • Discuss Temporary Shoring Requirements
    • Discuss demolition requirements
    • Discuss bridge rail and fencing needs
    • Discuss crash wall needs (Railroad and highway requirements)
    • Discuss footing clearances
    • Discuss deck drainage
    • Discuss Railroad ditch drainage
    • Discuss utility concerns (Overhead or underground)
    • Discuss lighting needs
    • Discuss fencing along Railroad vs. flaggers (BNSF only)
    • Attach the revised KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroad form to the Field Check Memo and any revised plan details

  • Contract Plans
    • Obtain Railroad approval before letting (Railroads require a minimum of four weeks for review)
      1. Submit approval request letter
        • Final KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroad form
        • Four (4) sets of 45% reduced plans (unless full-sized plans are requested)
        • Two (2) sets of KDOT Special Provisions (Project Special Provisions that are not finalized will be noted as "DRAFT". Submit the final version when it is available.)
        • Two (2) sets of any other documents (Utilities, drainage, etc.)
      2. Request approval letter from the Railroad

  • Construction Submittals
    • Revised Plans
      1. All revisions that effect the KDOT Bridge Checklist Submittal to Railroad form will require an updated checklist
      2. Discuss revisions with the Railroad
      3. Submit four (4) sets of 45% reduced plan sheets of all revised sheets to the Railroad
    • Demolition Submittals
      1. Plans Notes and Specifications should cover the requirements
      2. Submit to the Railroad through the KDOT Coordinating Section (Design or District)
    • Falsework and Shoring submittals
      1. Plans Notes and Specifications should cover the requirements
      2. KDOT or KDOT's Consultant will review
      3. Submit to the Railroad through the KDOT Coordinating Section
      4. (Design or District)

  • As-Constructed Plans
    • Contract and "As-Built" plans will be microfilmed
    • Change Orders and Specifications are also microfilmed