This mangled heap of metal was once a Chevy Camaro. Its teen occupants survived the crash. Both were wearing seat belts, which very likely saved their lives. Tragically, scenes like this have become all too familiar. A devastating number of people are involved in crashes on Kansas roadways every year.

17,117 people were injured and 461 killed in 2017.

crashed camaro

The teens in this crash had been educated about the benefits of seat belts. Educated by one of the many traffic safety advocates in Kansas. You, too, can be a traffic safety advocate. You can help prevent crashes and improve the safety of your community by establishing a traffic safety coalition in your city or county. The purpose of the coalition is to proactively identify traffic safety and driver behavior issues before a crash happens, find solutions, then implement the solutions.

Build your coalition with community members from law enforcement, emergency medical services, schools, local businesses, local government, and anyone else who is passionate about making our roads safe. For more information, view the Traffic Safety Coalitions flyer.

Additional information about traffic safety coalitions

  • • Crash data can help your coalition determine where to focus its efforts. KDOT can provide data, reports, and statistics for your community on the traffic records page.

  • • Success Story - The City of Andover, Kansas, established its traffic safety coalition in January 2012. The group is still going strong and is very active in their community. Learn how they do it in the fall 2014 issue of the KS LTAP Newsletter.

  • • The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) believes community traffic safety coalitions can be the foundation for effective transportation planning. Visit the FHWA website for details.