Mileage and Travel in Kansas - 2017

Mileage and Travel in Kansas - 2017


As of December 31, 2017, there were 142,054 miles of roads, streets and highways in Kansas. Average daily travel was 88,248,910 vehicle-miles. This is a slight increase in mileage and 0.6% in travel from 2016. Travel growth occurred mainly on the Interstate and Freeway systems, with stronger growth on rural segments. Travel on the non-State systems, both rural and urban, declined.

The Kansas State Highway System (SHS) including City Connecting Links (CCL) totals 10,291 miles and carries average daily travel of 45,757,323 vehicle-miles. This is a reduction in mileage from 2016 due to realignment of US-40 in Lawrence, and a 0.7% increase in travel. The Kansas Turnpike (KTA) is 238.2 miles long, with 5,175,683 daily vehicle-miles of travel. Interstate, US, and Kansas routes make up 7.4% of the total Kansas road mileage and carry 58% of total travel.

Under 23 CFR 460 the State must report annually to the federal government about the extent of the roadway network in a Mileage Certification to FHWA. This data ultimately is used for apportionment of highway safety funds. Details of road inventory and usage are reported separately in the Highway Performance Monitoring System.

Under Kansas Statutes Annotated Section 79-3425C, portions of the fuel tax money collected by the State are distributed to County and City governments based on net mileage and road usage. The KDOT certifies these values annually in a Transmittal to the State Treasurer. Per the KSA, the networks reported for Travel by County exclude the Interstate system, and Mileage by County includes all roads.

Annual Summaries

In addition to the Federal Mileage Certification and Treasurer Transmittal, we produce several reports for specific aspects of road usage.

Annual Detail Tables

We produce several detail reports showing data summaries by County or City, instead of producing individual reports for these entities. All of the annual Mileage and Travel reports are based on the 2017 summary table, which is a compilation of data on State, County, City, and Federal roadways. This table is provided for reference as a convenience to researchers, but is not considered the official record of roadway data.

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by City

Historical Summaries

For an historical perspective, these tables aggregate data from several years to identify trends.