North Central News Releases - 2016


US-77/I-70 DDI Interchange traffic flow (12/20/16)

US-77 Traffic at I-70 Interchange in Geary County to be rerouted (12/16/16)

US-77/K-18 Interchange Update (12/14/16)

US-77 K-18 Ramps to be reopened (12/9/16)

US-77 Construction update (11/21/16)

I-70 Westbound closed due to Crash in Geary County (11/15/16)

WB I-70 Bridge Deck Patching in Dickinson County (10/18/16)

US-77 Construction UPDATE (10/5/16)

US-36 Mill & Overlay in Republic & Washington Counties (9/27/16)

K-177 Surface Recycle/Chip Seal in Chase County (9/21/16)

US-77/Ruker Rd. Traffic lights to begin Operation today (9/21/16)

US-24 Mill & Overlay in Clay County (9/20/16)

I-70/US-77 Interchange work delays traffic on game day (9/16/16)

US-77/Ruker Rd. Traffic light to begin Operation (9/16/16)

US-77 Traffic at J.C. Switched (9/6/16)

US-40 B Open House Scheduled (9/6/16)

I-70/US-77 Interchange Ramps (8/26/16)

I-70 Bridge Repair at K-177 Interchange (8/23/16)

US-36 Slide Repair in Republic Co. (8/23/16)

I-70 bridge Deck Repairs in Geary County (8/19/16)

K-177 Temporarily closed in Morris County

UPDATE 2 (8/18/16)

K-177 Temporary Closure in Morris County (8/17/16)>

K-15 Chip Seal in Clay & Dickinson Counties (7/27/16)

I-135 to be Detoured in McPherson County (7/25/16)

Sections of US-36/K-148 Highways to be overlaid in Washington County (7/15/16)

K-4, K-14 & K-156 Pavement testing in Ellsworth /McPherson Counties (7/15/16)

Ash St. traffic at the US-77/ Ash St. Intersection in Junction City is Redirected (7/12/16)

US-77 work update in Geary County (7/12/16)

Bridge Repairs on I-70 in Geary County  (7/7/16)

US-77 work begins in Dickinson County (UPDATE) (7/7/16)

Road Reconstruction on US-81, in Republic County Update (6/28/16)

K-4 & K-104 overlays in Saline County (6/24/16)

I-70/K-18 Interchange Bridge Repair Update 2 (6/16/16)

K-18 Bridge Repairs in Geary County (revised) (6/13/16)

K-18 Bridge Repairs in Geary County (6/13/16)

I-70/K-18 Interchange Bridge Repairs in Geary County update (6/9/16)

K-43 RR crossing closed for repairs in Dickinson County (6/7/16)

I-70/K-18 Interchange Bridge Repairs in Geary County (6/2/16)

2 Bridge Replacements in Ellsworth County (6/1/16)

US-77 Improvements at Rucker Rd in Junction City  (5/9/16)

K-14 Bridge Replacement in Saline County (5/2/16)

New I-135 Interchange in McPherson County (4/26/16)

K-128 Bridge Replacement (4/25/16)

K-149 Culvert Replacement in Morris County (4/22/16)

K-4 Recycle and Seal in Dickinson County (4/22/16)

K-15 Utility Work in Marion County (4/22/16)

US-77 Work begins in Dickinson Co. (4/20/16)

Sec. King to Announce US-56 & Mohawk Road/I-135 Interchange projects (4/15/16)

Road work on US-81, in Republic Co. (4/13/16)

K-14 Bridge Repairs in Mitchell County (4/12/16)

Survey Scheduled for K-177 Bridge in Morris County (4/12/16)

US-77 Improvements alter traffic on McFarland Rd. in Junction City (4/12/16)

I-135 Pavement Markings Replacement in Saline Co. (4/5/16)

K-15 Bridge Shoofly in Clay Co. (4/5/16)

K-153 Spur Bridge Repair in McPherson Co. (3/29/16)

US-56 Improvements in McPherson Update (3/28/16)

I-70 Joint Seal & Patch Repairs in Dickinson County (3/23/16)

US-36 Reconstruction in Jewell County (3/23/16)

US-77 Improvements at Junction City alter traffic on US-77 and Rucker Rd. (3/17/16)

K-148 Culvert Replacement in Republic Co. (2/29/16)

Westbound I-70 Closed at the Headville Interchange CORRECTION (244) (2/2/16)

Westbound I-70 Closed at the Headville Interchange (249) due to Winter Storm (2/2/16)

Survey on I-70 in Dickinson County (1/27/16)

Spring Valley Rd/Sutter Woods traffic redirected in Junction City (1/19/16)

K-140 Bridge Replacement in Ellsworth County (1/8/16)