Southeast News Releases - 2014


Joint repair project to begin at Coffeyville (12/31/14)

U.S. 75 shoulder work in Wilson County (12/29/14)

Kevin Ryan marks 30 years (12/22/14)

K-39 bridge surveys to start (12/16/14)

K-47 shoulder work in Wilson County (12/9/14)

Concrete repairs on U.S. 400/75 (12/8/14)

Bridge surveys in Bourbon County (11/24/14)

Pavement marking on U.S. 169 (11/24/14)

K-31 bridge survey to start (11/20/14)

Crossing repairs on U.S. 169 (11/17/14)

U.S. 69 Arma Connection funded (10/9/14)

Transportation announcement, Arma (10/3/14)

Wilson County road work (10/6/14)

Poster contest winners named (10/1/14)

U.S. 169 resurfacing at Pittsburg (9/26/14)

U.S. 169 resurfacing in late September (9/19/14)

U.S. 400 repairs in Wilson County (9/15/14)

Pavement testing in Franklin and Miami counties (9/12/14)

K-99 bridge replacement in Elk County (9/10/14)

U.S. 166 resurfacing to start west of Coffeyville (9/5/14)

Alan McClure retires from KDOT (9/3/14)

U.S. 166 chip seal starts Sept. 8 (9/3/14)

Open house for U.S. 400 study (8/28/14)

U.S. 400 concrete patching in Labette County (8/28/14)

U.S. 69 resurfacing at Pittsburg pushed back to mid-September (8/27/14)

U.S. 59 road work at Princeton (8/27/14)

Resurfacing on U.S. 69 at Pittsburg (8/25/14)

U.S. 160 resurfacing to start (8/20/14)

U.S. 169 resurfacing begins (8/19/14)

K-126 crack seal postponed (8/11/14)

K-126 crack seal to start (8/7/14)

K-105 culvert replacement (7/30/14)

New K-58 bridge opens (7/30/14)

Three bridge repairs to start (7/24/14)

Two bridges now open (7/18/14)

U.S. 160 resurfacing in Elk County (7/15/14)

Pavement testing starts July 7 (7/2/14)

U.S. 169 resurfacing in Miami County (06/27/14)

Bridge work on U.S. 59 at Parsons (06/27/14)

Pavement testing in Woodson and Greenwood counties (06/27/14)

U.S. 69 road work now to start June 30 (06/25/14)

Second K-126 bridge closes for replacement (06/25/14)

U.S.69 road work to begin July 7 (06/24/14)

Pavement testing June 23-26 in Wilson and Neosho counties (06/20/14)

K-126 resurfacing project postponed until June 23 (06/18/14)

KDOT to resurface K-126 west of Pittsburg (06/16/14)

Chip seal project starts in Linn County (06/03/14)

KDOT to start U.S.75 crack seal and chip seal project on June 2 (05/30/14)

KDOT to test pavement strength in Anderson, Coffey and Greenwood counties (05/28/14)

Traffic switch set for U.S.54 project (05/27/14)

KDOT to start Bourbon County crack seal and chip seal project on May 27 (05/22/14)

K-68 resurfacing postponed until June 3 (05/22/14)

Pavement marking project resumes on U.S.169 in Miami County (05/19/14)

KDOT to reopen two rest areas May 19 (05/15/14)

K-68 resurfacing to begin May 27 (05/14/14)

U.S.169 to close for crossing repairs at Cherryvale (05/14/14)

K-7 rail crossing south of Osawatomie to close May 13-14 for repairs (05/12/14)

KDOT replacing K-39 bridge on east side of Chanute (05/08/14)

KDOT to replace crossroad pipe on K-58 in Greenwood County (05/07/14)

U.S.169 closed between U.S.400 and K-47 (04/30/14)

KDOT replacing box bridge on K-7 in Linn County (04/25/14)

Section of K-47 closes temporarily (04/17/14)

Pavement marking project resumes on U.S.169 in Miami County (04/16/14)

Section of K-68 closes temporarily (04/16/14)

U.S.69 closes at Frontenac for traffic accident (04/16/14)

New bridge on U.S.166 east of Chetopa opens to traffic (04/11/14)

KDOT to begin field survey on U.S.169 in Neosho County (04/09/14)

East bridge closing Thursday on K-39 project in Bourbon County (04/08/14)

K-31 Clever Creek Bridge to be replaced (04/03/14)

K-68 pavement project to begin next week (04/02/14)

U.S.59 bridge repairs start in Allen County (03/31/14)

KDOT begins field survey on U.S.169 in Allen County (03/31/14)

KDOT to repair Bull Creek Bridge on K-68 (03/31/14)

U.S.54 and U.S. 75 rest areas to temporarily close on April 1 (03/27/14)

U.S.59 Canville Creek bridge replacement starts next week (03/21/14)

K-99 resurfacing to begin March 24 (03/17/14)

Concrete patching resumes on I-35 (03/17/14)

KDOT repairing slide along I-35 (03/14/14)

KDOT will close K-126 next week to replace two bridges (03/14/14)

Pavement work on U.S.54 to resume (03/04/14)

Eisenhower Road bridge at I-35 to close for repairs (02/24/14)

KDOT to replace two bridges on K-39 southwest of Fort Scott (02/14/14)

Open house for U.S. 169 reconstruction project is February 27 at Welda (02/14/14)

K-58 Dinner Creek Bridge to be replaced (02/12/14)

U.S. 69 open house is January 23 at Arma (01/09/14)