Southeast News Releases - 2017

KDOT moving ahead with plans to construct roundabout at the U.S. 59/160 junction  (12/7/17)

Rodney Coles retires from KDOT  (12/1/17)

U.S. 169 closure delayed  (11/27/17)

U.S. 169 at Coffeyville to close for rail improvements  (11/16/17)

KDOT repairing concrete on U.S. 169  (11/7/17)

U.S. 75 bridge repair starts at Neodesha next week  (11/6/17)

Open house planned for U.S. 59/160 roundabout project  (10/31/17)

U.S. 54 rest area closes for parking lot repairs  (10/30/17)

KDOT to replace K-68 crossroad pipe on Oct. 24  (10/18/17)

KDOT testing pavement in Elk, Wilson, Montgomery and Labette counties  (10/13/17)

K-68 resurfacing begins in Miami County  (9/28/17)

KDOT testing pavement in Allen, Bourbon and Linn counties  (9/21/17)

U.S. 69 pavement marking project to begin in Miami County  (9/15/17)

U.S. 400 rail crossing closure east of Cherokee  (9/5/17)

Pavement marking project starts on U.S. 59  (8/28/17)

Pavement testing Aug. 14-17 in Crawford and Labette counties  (8/11/17)

K-68 resurfacing delayed until the week of Aug. 14  (8/9/17)

K-68 resurfacing to begin Aug. 7  (8/1/17)

K-31 rail crossing repairs at Fulton July 27  (7/26/17)

Concrete patching underneath I-35 at Williamsburg starts July 24  (7/19/17)

K-58 railroad crossing repairs at LeRoy July 18-19  (7/17/17)

KDOT repairing concrete on U.S. 400 in Montgomery County  (7/10/17)

K-99 Fall River Bridge surveyed  (7/5/17)

Pavement testing in three counties July 5-7  (6/30/17)

Intersection improvements begin at Ottawa  (6/26/17)

KDOT testing pavement in Crawford County  (6/22/17)

Railroad crossing on K-68 to close June 26-30  (6/20/17)

Rick Carr retires from KDOT  (6/14/17)

U.S. 54 pavement marking projects to begin in Bourbon and Allen counties  (6/13/17)

Fort Scott sidewalk project set to start  (6/8/17)

K-68 mill and overlay starts June 12  (6/6/17)

U.S. 75 shoulder chip seal underway in Woodson and Coffey counties  (6/6/17)

U.S. 169 diamond grinding in Neosho County  (6/5/17)

K-99, U.S. 166B chip seal starts week of June 5  (5/31/17)

U.S. 400 concrete repairs planned in Montgomery and Wilson counties  (5/23/17)

K-7 section to close for reconstruction in June  (5/12/17)

K-99 crack sealing project to begin south of U.S. 166  (5/8/17)

U.S. 169 southbound lanes resurfaced in Miami County  (5/8/17)

Rest area at U.S. 169/400 to close for repairs  (5/2/17)

Erie sidewalk project starts in May  (4/26/17)

Joe Oldham celebrates 30-year milestone  (4/21/17)

U.S. 169 rail crossing widening delayed until early May  (4/20/17)

U.S. 169 pavement patching resumes  (4/17/17)

KDOT to widen U.S. 169 rail crossing  (4/17/17)

U.S. 69A reconstruction in Baxter Springs set to begin  (4/11/17)

Three-county K-31 resurfacing project starts in early April  (3/27/17)

K-39 reopens east of Chanute  (3/22/17)

U.S. 400 concrete stitching in Wilson County  (3/20/17)

I-35 concrete patching begins March 20  (3/17/17)

K-31 closure set for March 13  (3/10/17)

U.S. 69 groundbreaking ceremony is March 13  (3/9/17)

U.S. 69 expansion in Bourbon County starts next week  (3/9/17)

Douglas Vogel celebrates 30-year milestone  (2/27/17)

Survey for roundabout at U.S. 160/59 junction east of Altamont  (2/23/17)

Survey starts on U.S. 160 bridge in Cherokee County  (2/10/17)

U.S. 166 rail crossing at Baxter Springs to close for repairs  (2/1/17)

George Dockery celebrates 50-year milestone  (1/30/17)