News and Announcements

News Releases - 2009

Recovery Act projects provide welcome boost (12/22/09)

KDOT launches KanDrive, a one-stop shop for travel information (12/16/09)

Remaining and cut list of 2010 non-interstate projects in Kansas (12/03/09)

Cuts will cost jobs, road quality (11/24/09)

Kansas Scenic Byways Receive Grants (10/12/09)

Kansans can put the brakes on fatalities (10/09/09)

Kansas Scenic Byway Receives National Award (10/07/09)

New approach to selecting highway projects to be discussed (10/06/09)

KDOT complying with EPA administrative order (10/02/09)

KDOT submits applications for TIGER funding (09/18/09)

Recovery Act jobs, economic output increasing (09/04/09)

KDOT Submits Passenger Rail Grant Applications (08/27/09)

KDOT announces road projects for FY 2010-12 (07/23/09)

U.S. 69 four-lane expansion celebrated (07/22/09)

KDOT Takes First Step Seeking Passenger Rail Funds (07/13/09)

Some KDOT resources to be unavailable to public (06/17/09)

Celebration marks beginning/end of transportation initiatives (06/08/09)

Celebration on June 8 to mark completion of state transportation program (06/01/09)

Kansas moving quickly on constructing transportation recovery projects (05/28/09)

Artist Stan Herd to promote Kansas Scenic Byways (05/22/09)

Policy for use of cable median barrier implemented by KDOT (05/12/09)

Transit Funds Awarded (04/30/09)

Topeka and Lawrence Transit Grants (04/30/09)

First Kansas economic stimulus project awarded (04/27/09)

Work zone safety is a top priority (04/06/09)

Amtrak Details Kansas Stimulus Projects (04/03/09)

KDOT Selects TE Projects for ARRA Funding (03/31/09)

Short Line Rail Stimulus Funds Awarded (03/31/09)

511 Map Experiencing Technical Difficulties (03/27/09)

KDOT reminds travelers about safe driving in winter conditions (03/26/09)

Unrestricted driver’s license age would be 16 ½ under bill (03/23/09)

77 local projects selected for stimulus funding (03/23/09)

Teen Driving (03/19/09)

Failure to pass seat belt law will cost state millions of dollars (03/18/09)

Kansas Scenic Byways new guide features natural beauty of the state (03/18/09)

Thirty-seven projects selected for airport funding (03/16/09)

KDOT sets aside stimulus funds for short line railroads (03/16/09)

Stimulus money to help Kansas build roads, create jobs (02/20/09)

Kansas’ share of transportation distribution nearly $380 million (02/13/09)

Former Governor Bill Graves to deliver lecture on transportation (02/10/09)

KDOT begins removing equipment from Miami County salvage yard (01/28/09)

Kansas Highway Fatalities at Record Low (01/22/09)

Kansas launches online community to discuss transportation issues (01/22/09)

KDOT taps wind for energy savings (01/16/09)

Two suspended road projects back on track (01/06/09)