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South Central News Releases

Crack repair to begin on U.S. 183 in Rush County (10/7/21)

Section of 56th St. in Reno County closing during work on new K-14 (10/6/21)

Sgt. Tyler A. Juden Memorial Bridge being dedicated at Ark City (9/30/21)

Field survey is for guardrail sites on U.S. 56 in Rice County (9/30/21)

$2.38 million resurfacing on U.S. 50 west of Kinsley begins soon (9/27/21)

K-55 will be closed at Belle Plaine because of RR crossing work (9/23/21) 

Jesse Gregory retiring after 13 years with KDOT in Winfield (9/23/21) 

Crack repair to start on U.S. 50 northeast of Newton (9/22/21)

U.S. 77 field survey to begin in Cowley County (9/20/21)

Field survey for raising height of U.S. 166 bridge over Turnpike (9/20/21)

U.S. 281 bridge project in Barton County to begin soon (9/20/21)

Section of Dean Road, 82nd Ave. closing for new K-14 in Reno County (8/30/21)

Westbound U.S. 50 ramp to Old Trail Road closed possibly two days (8/30/21)

Grading, surfacing on part of U.S. 54 in Pratt starts soon (8/11/21)

K-42 in Kingman, Pratt counties being closed for RR repair (8/10/21)

U.S. 77 to be resurfaced in Butler County south of Augusta (8/9/21)

Part of 16th Road at Sterling closing during day for K-14 job (8/5/21)

Part of 17th Road near Sterling is closing for K-14 realignment project (7/30/21)

KDOT highway sign replacement project coming to Kiowa County (7/26/21)

Some Rice County road sections closed for K-14 realignment (7/21/21)

$7.86 million resurfacing on K-14, K-96 in Reno, Sedgwick counties (7/20/21)

U.S. 56 bridge replacement in Pawnee County to start soon (7/20/21)

$4.5 million resurfacing of K-156 in Barton County to begin (7/20/21)

U.S. 160 road, bridge field survey to start in Comanche County (7/16/21)

Centerline resurfacing to begin on U.S. 54 in Kiowa County (7/15/21)

K-4 bridge field survey to begin in Rice County (7/6/21)

K-2 bridge field survey to start in Harper County (6/30/21)

$2.9 million resurfacing of U.S. 50 in Reno County (6/30/21)

Traffic sign project on U.S. 50, K-61 in Reno County (6/22/21)

Shumway Road to be resurfaced at K-254 soon (6/22/21)

Rumble strip project in Butler, Harvey counties to begin soon (6/18/21)

$3.9 million resurfacing to begin on U.S. 81, U.S. 160 in Sumner County (6/17/21)

K-179 grading, surfacing in Anthony to begin soon (6/16/21)

$2.68 million resurfacing on U.S. 54/400 in Kiowa County to begin (6/7/21)

$6.2 million resurfacing on U.S. 160, K-1 in Comanche County to start (6/7/21)

KDOT to start $2.9 million resurfacing of K-4 in Rice County (6/1/21)

Part of Avenue V east of Sterling closing for bridge construction (5/25/21)

RR-crossing change for school buses, hazardous materials trucks on U.S. 77 (5/17/21)

UPDATE: U.S. 50-to-northbound-I-135 ramp at Newton has reopened early after emergency guardrail repair (5/17/21)

U.S. 50-to-northbound-I-135 ramp at Newton to close 2 days (5/17/21)

U.S. 77 south of Arkansas City to be resurfaced (5/10/21)

K-14 north of Lyons to be closed for railroad crossing repair (5/5/21)

Crack repair work to start on U.S. 56 in Barton, Rice counties 4/29/21)

Field survey for K-11 bridge replacement in Kingman County (4/28/21)

K-61 project for guardrail, grading and culverts begins soon in Reno County (4/27/21)

UPDATE: U.S. 50 rest area in Stafford County to be closed up to five days (4/26/21) 

Field survey for proposed K-42 pavement reconstruction in Pratt County (4/26/21

15-mile realignment of K-14 in Reno, Rice counties to start soon (4/9/21)

U.S. 50 rest area in Stafford County to be closed for three days for work (4/9/21)

Field survey to focus on correcting U.S. 50 elevation at spot in Reno County (4/1/21)

Field survey for U.S. 56 bridge replacement in Larned (3/29/21)

$971,000 guardrail project in Sedgwick & Sumner counties (3/29/21)

U.S. 400 bridge at Leon will be repaired (3/22/21)

K-177 bridge over El Dorado Lake will be repaired (3/22/21)

Field survey for U.S. 54 bridge replacement in El Dorado  (3/16/21)

Crack seal project on K-49 in Sumner, Sedgwick counties (3/5/21)

Mill/overlay project to begin on K-2, U.S. 160 in Harper County (3/5/21)

Crack seal project to begin on K-53 in Sumner County (2/25/21)

K-11 bridge project in Reno County (2/24/21)

Crack seal work on K-14 in Harper, Kingman counties (2/23/21)

Crack seal work on K-179 south of Anthony (2/23/21)

Martyn Howard retiring after 28 years at Coldwater (2/23/21)

Things to know about upcoming U.S. 183 project in Kinsley (2/2/21)

Survey to begin for proposed U.S. 81 bridge replacement in Sumner County (1/29/21)

Survey for proposed U.S. 56 expressway at Great Bend to begin (1/27/21)

Project to stabilize part of Ninnescah riverbank in Sumner County (1/21/21)

Survey for proposed K-4 bridges in Rush County to start soon (1/19/21)

Survey for U.S. 183 bridge in Rush Center to start (1/19/21)

Survey for U.S. 56 bridge in Rice County set to begin around Jan. 25 (1/19/21)


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