If you can answer all of these questions correctly you are on your way to becoming a safe cyclist.  However, merely knowing what the laws are is not good enough.  You must know and obey the laws in order to be a safe cyclist.

If you do not know the answers read this web site again carefully to find them.

True - False

  1. When it is dark you are required to have a white headlight visible up to 500 feet.

  2. Your bike does not need a red rear reflector or taillight for night riding.

  3. You may ride in either direction on a one-way street.

  4. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.

  5. Bicyclists may ride facing oncoming traffic.

  6. You may ride a bike that has no brakes without breaking the law.

  7. If your bike is too large or too small you are risking your safety.

  8. Bicycles are not allowed on interstate highways.

  9. Bicycle riders do not need to signal before turning.

  10. Bicycle riders are required by law to obey traffic signs and signals.

  11. You should wear a helmet at all times.

Choose the Best Answer

  1. A round yellow sign means:

  2. A flashing red light means:

  3. When there are no stop signs or signals, the right-of-way belongs to:

  4. When riding with others you should travel no more than:

  5. Two people may ride on one bike:

  6. Bicyclists should ride:

  7. A red eight-sided (octagonal) sign means:

  8. Bicyclists cannot:

  9. A safe bicyclist always:

  10. When coming out of alleys, driveways, etc. a bicyclist must:

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