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 Glossary of Planning Terms/Acronyms

Terms and acronyms commonly used in Transportation Planning are defined below.

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S thru Z

  • SHRP – Strategic Highway Research Program (Program funded by the 1987 Transportation Authorization)
  • SMP – Strategic Management Plan
  • SPR – State Planning and Research
  • STEP – Special Traffic Enforcement Program
  • STIP – Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan
  • STP – Surface Transportation Program (Federal funding category)
  • TEA-21 – Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (Federal legislation)
  • TFO – Traffic and Field Operations
  • TIP – Transportation Improvement Program (5-year plan of projects from MPOs)
  • TMG – Traffic Monitoring Guide
  • TRB – Transportation Research Board
  • USDOT – United States Department of Transportation