District 4 SE Kansas

This district is responsible for construction and maintenance activities for 17 counties in southeast Kansas. These
responsibilities include providing snow and ice removal on the 3,958 miles of state highways that are housed in this district.



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Wayne Gudmonson
District 4 Engineer
(620) 902-6415

Priscilla Petersen
Public Affairs Manager
(620) 902-6433

District 4 Office
411 W. Fourteenth
Chanute, Kansas 66720-0498
(620) 902-6400

K-68 eastbound traffic detoured at Ottawa this weekend  (9/16/21)

K-152 section closed Sept. 14  (9/9/21)

K-99 resurfacing underway in Greenwood County  (9/2/21)

K-31 pipe replacement west of Fulton set for Aug. 25  (8/23/21)

KDOT resurfacing K-65 in Bourbon County  (8/16/21)

K-7 section closes Aug. 12  (8/6/21)

K-3 section closed Aug. 4-5  (8/2/21)

Bridge over I-35 to close for repairs  (7/29/21)

Resurfacing on U.S. 69 to start in August  (7/27/21)

Survey at K-105 bridge begins in August  (7/20/21)

K-31 bridge replacement starts this week  (7/19/21)

KDOT resurfacing K-7 section in Linn County  (7/19/21)

K-171 bridge repairs to start July 19  (7/14/21)

K-52 section to close for pipe replacement  (7/13/21)

K-33 bridge to close for repairs  (7/12/21)

KDOT to close K-68 bridge at Ottawa for one week  (7/12/21)

U.S. 169 to close north of K-47 in early July  (6/30/21)

K-7 drainage survey begins in Cherokee County  (6/25/21)

KDOT patching concrete on U.S. 400 in Wilson County  (6/24/21)

KDOT grant key in attracting manufacturer to southeast Kansas  (6/11/21)

U.S. 54 resurfacing project starts this month  (6/8/21)

KDOT to resurface K-103  (6/7/21)

K-7 resurfacing project to start in June  (5/26/21)

U.S. 75 to be resurfaced through Caney  (5/24/21)

Concrete patching projects to begin in Montgomery County  (5/21/21)

U.S. 54 overpass replacement project starts in June  (5/18/21)

K-7 section closed May 13  (5/7/21)

KDOT to replace U.S. 160 bridge in Cherokee County  (5/5/21)

Repairs to be made on K-68 bridge at Ottawa  (5/4/21)

K-33 bridge replacement at Wellsville starts in May  (5/4/21)

K-99 widening in Chautauqua County starts in mid-May  (5/3/21)

KDOT to begin bridge survey on K-31  (4/27/21)

KDOT replacing bridge on K-99  (4/26/21)

Survey at K-58 bridge begins April 26  (4/15/21)

K-7 pavement marking project to begin in late April  (4/14/21)

K-3 surface recycle to start April 19  (4/13/21)

K-39 reopens between U.S. 75 and U.S. 169 (4/12/21)

New detour route for K-39 bridge replacement  (4/9/21)

U.S. 400 concrete patching project begins in mid-April  (4/8/21)

K-39 bridge replacement project starts in Bourbon County  (3/31/21)

U.S. 69 resurfacing project to begin at Fort Scott  (3/24/21)

U.S. 166 resurfacing to start between Caney and Coffeyville  (3/23/21)

KDOT to begin reconstruction on U.S. 169 on March 15  (3/9/21)

KDOT survey at K-3 bridge begins March 15  (3/8/21)

U.S. 169 to close at 1000 Road  (3/5/21)

Survey on U.S. 169 south of Thayer starts March 8  (3/2/21)

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