Document Retrieval Error Help

If you find that you are unable to retrieve documents and/or content from some pages, it may be due to a conflicting Java Machine (Microsoft vs. Sun) or not using the Sun Java Runtime. Please try these steps before contacting the KDOT.

NOTE: Please print this page for reference as following these steps will require you to close your browser.

  1. Click Tools - Internet Options. (Press Alt-Key first if using IE7 or Higher)
    In Internet Explorer, find the Menu bar and click Tools, and then click on Internet Options...
  2. Click on the Advanced Tab.
    1. Internet Options Menu
    2. Click on the Advanced Tab in the Internet Options Menu
  3. Scroll down until you see the Java sections of the Settings. If you do not see the Java (Sun) Section, you will need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment
  4. Check Use Java 2 v1.*.*.

    Scroll down to Java and Microsoft VM sections.

  5. Click on Apply in the bottom right corner. Click OK.
    Click on Apply on the lower right of the box. Then Click OK.
  6. Close ALL of your internet browsers, then re-open one and navigate back to the site. This should correct any problems with the Java Applet not initializing itself and thus not ever opening these pages.
  7. If you find you are still experiencing problems, you may want to clean out your Temporary Internet Files (Cache).
    1. Close all of your browsers if you haven't already. Open one.
    2. Navigate to another site, such as google.
    3. Click on Tools - Internet Options. once again.
    4. Click on Delete Files...
      Click on Delete Files.
    5. Check the box next to Delete all offline content. Click OK.
      Check the box next to Delete all offline content. Click OK.
    6. When this finishes, click OK one last time. Close and restart your browsers.