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Kansas celebrates 50 years of Interstates

Kansas Interstate History

Kansas Interstates have a long and rich history. Click on the links below to view milestones in each decade.


June 17 - Kansas opened its final section of I-70 at Goodland.

Construction of a 2.2-mile section of the Canal Route on I-135 (then referred to as I-35W) began. Read More about the Canal Route

All rural sections of Interstate in Kansas had been constructed with the opening of the last 10 miles of I-35 east of Emporia. In addition, the speed limit on all Interstate and highway routes was lowered to 55 mph due to the fuel crisis.

The State Highway Commission was replaced by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

September 13 - I-35W was changed to I-135.

December - I-135, which connected Salina and Wichita, was completed.