The Kansas City Metro Area is a beehive of transportation activity. In order to manage the growth and prepare for an efficient and effective transportation system, the Kansas Department of Transportation and many local partners are working together to study the area and develop plans for the future. Here is a sampling of the projects and studies underway in the region.


U.S. 69 & 119th Street Bridge Repair Project

The Kansas Department of Transportation is introducing the 'zipper merge' for the first time in Kansas this spring (2016) on the U.S. 69 and 119th Street Interchange Bridge Repair Project in Overland Park (Johnson County). To learn more about the 'zipper merge' and how drivers will utilize it to travel through the project work zone,  click here.


Zip the Urge to Merge Graphic 


Johnson County Gateway Interchange Study

Johnson County Gateway: I-435/I-35/K-10 Interchange Project

This interchange is the focal point for regional and local traffic in Johnson County and critical to future economic development in the area. Between 2009 and 2011, KDOT conducted a Concept Study to develop a plan for the Interchange that would improve current traffic flow, prepare for future traffic growth, support economic development and improve overall safety. Once this study was completed, KDOT, moved forward with its first design-build project for Phase 2 of the Johnson County Gateway Project. It includes two highway-to-highway interchanges, seven highway-to-local road interchanges, and the mainline for K-10, I-435, and I-35 in the vicinity of those interchanges. To find out more about the Johnson County Gateway project, visit the project website at: www.jocogateway.com.


K-7 & I-70 Interchange Project Web Site

K-7 & I-70 Interchange: Today. Tomorrow. Together.

The existing K-7 & I-70 Interchange in Bonner Springs is a major highway-to-highway interchange. KDOT and its local partners are managing the K-7 Corridor by planning for continuing growth in this area. KDOT has developed the preliminary design for interchanges at Kansas Avenue, I-70 and 130th Street that work together as one complete system. The preliminary design process began in 2007 and was completed in 2010. The new interchange design consists of ten phases and construction funding has been allocated for Phases 1-3 only. To find out more about the interchange project, visit the project website at: www.k7andi70interchange.org.



Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study LogoThe Kansas Department of Transportation has identified a future need to replace the Centennial Bridge over the Missouri River located on K-92 in Kansas and Route 92 in Missouri. Through data collection, cost analysis and public input, the Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study will examine the options for constructing a four-lane bridge replacement. This includes determining a preferred location, bridge type, associated costs, potential funding mechanisms and conducting a preliminary assessment of the potential environmental impact. The study process includes preparing an Advanced Preliminary Engineering (APE) Report, as well as a Tolling & Revenue Report. The study started in late Fall 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2016. Please see below for study related announcements, news and more.


Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Public Open House Strip Map Board - Feb. 2016 (2/23/16)

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Public Open House Exhibit Boards - Feb. 2016  (2/23/16)

Final Round of Public Open Houses Set for Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study (2/1/16)

Rt 92 Centennial Bridge Study Update - Fall 2015 (11/1/15) 

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Public Open House Survey (7/24/15)

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Public Open House Exhibit Boards - July 2015 (7/24/15)

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Spring Update 2015 (5/19/15)

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Fact Sheet - January 2015 (1/14/15)

Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study Public Open House Exhibit Boards - January 2015 (1/14/15)

KDOT to Host Two Public Open Houses for Route 92 Centennial Bridge Study (1/5/15)


Lewis & Clark Viaduct Concept Study

Lewis & Clark I-70 Viaduct Concept Study

The Lewis and Clark Viaduct is a series of bridges that span land and water in Kansas City, Kansas. The Viaduct provides a vital link for I-70 across the Kansas River and connects Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is conducting a study to examine the condition of each of the nine bridges making up the Viaduct and developing a priority phasing plan for rehabilitation and/or replacement of the existing bridges. To find out more, visit the project website at: http://lcviaducti70.ksdot.org



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