Kansas Department of Transportation "...to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas."


The Critical Success Factors were developed to provide a list of primary conditions that must be met to ensure that the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has been effective in delivering a statewide transportation system.

System Performance

KDOT is successful at providing a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas when:

1. The overall physical condition of the State Highway System (SHS) improves or remains at a favorable condition.

2. We are able to manage added traffic and access demands on the SHS without significant decreases in service level.

3. The annual highway accident and fatality rates decrease or remain the same on the SHS.

4. Public transportation systems show a positive trend in service.

5. The physical condition of public-use airports shows favorable improvement.

6. The physical condition of the shortline railroad infrastructure allows for the safe
and efficient movement of commodities throughout the state.

Organizational Performance

KDOT is successful as an organization when:

1. We meet schedules and budgets for construction programs.

2. The cost of agency operations remains at or below the current (baseline) level, factored for inflation.

3. Legal actions against the agency are at or below the current (baseline) level.

4. Our employees are safe, productive, and effective and have a sense of personal fulfillment.

Customer Satisfaction

KDOT is successfully satisfying our customers when:

1. The public is satisfied with the provided level of service.

2. KDOT and its business partners have a win- win relationship.

3. The public perceives the department is providing valuable services for their tax dollars.

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