Kansas Department of Transportation "...to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas."

A Message from the Secretary of Transportation. . .

The information contained in this pamphlet briefly describes the Strategic Management Plan that the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) will use to guide our efforts into the future. The plan touches on all phases of our business and is an elaboration of our mission statement, "To provide a Statewide Transportation System to meet the needs of Kansas."

Some may ask, "Why develop a Strategic Management Plan?" To answer that I'd like to use a story from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Alice is talking anxiously to the Cheshire Cat along the road. She asks, "Where should I be going? Where should I be going?" The Cheshire Cat answers her, "Where do you want to be?" to which Alice replies, "I don't know." The Cheshire Cat then says, "In that case it doesn't matter where you go."

Here in KDOT we know where we want to go and where we want to be. We know that we want quality products, economical procedures, and customer service to be the anchor points of our work for Kansas citizens. The Strategic Management Plan provides a road map and some measuring devices to check our progress. The plan will help KDOT reach the goals that we have set.


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E. Dean Carlson
Secretary of Transportation

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