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KDOT recommends that you allow pop-ups and download "Adobe SVG Viewer" to use the Interactive Maps so you can click in the map to see more details about routes, road closures, work zones, etc.

Image To download Adobe SVG Viewer:

  • Click on the Interactive Map button at the top of the left-hand column. If you don't already have Adobe SVG Viewer, it will prompt you to download it. To download:
  • Click "run" each time you are asked to choose Run or Save
  • Click "Accept" when you are asked to accept the Terms of Use

This website provides you:
Image A map that shows road condition and construction/detour information for the Kansas state highway system, including Interstate, U.S. and State highways, and the Kansas Turnpike.

Image Links to:

  • Closed Roads Report - provides a list of roads closed due to weather (flooding or winter weather conditions), construction/maintenance or incident, and snow and ice road conditions
  • 511 Travel/Traffic Information - provide a page with various travel and traffic information links, including more information about 511
  • 511 Mobile - provide information about how to access travel information on your mobile device
  • Weather - links directly to weatherforyou.com
  • Kansas City Scout - links directly to the KC Scout Web site
  • Detour and Construction Activity Map - links to a printable version of this map with a list of Construction alerts and their descriptions
  • Nationwide Traffic Information - links directly to the Nationwide Traffic Information Web site
  • Kansas Map - provides a downloadable .pdf of the Kansas State Map
  • KDOT Internet - links directly to the KDOT Internet home page
  • AMBER Alert - links directly to the Kansas AMBER Alert Web site

Image Tips/Information for Using the Web site

  • Map Views - Choose a Map type at the top of the left-hand column as follows:
    • Interactive maps - (KDOT recommends using this view of the best user experience). The interactive map lets you see additional details by putting your mouse over or clicking on a route, icon, or county.
      NOTE: You must download "Adobe SVG Viewer" so you can use the interactive Map view

    • Static maps - provides only the information shown; you cannot click in the map to see details.

    • Regional or Metro area maps - by using the drop down boxes on the lower left of the screen, you can look at regional or metro area maps that will show additional details not shown on the state-wide map.

    • Maps by County - by clicking on a county on the map icon in the upper right hand corner, you can look at maps by county.

Legends and Icons

  • Road Work Legend
    Image Construction events
    are marked with colored diamond icons (Yellow diamonds indicate Planned work, and Orange diamonds indicate active work)
    Image Closed roads are marked with a Red diamond

  • Weather Related Road Conditions Legend
    Image The road conditions are indicated by colors shown on the legend
    Image Road conditions are shown on the map by route lines shown in colors according to the legend