North Central News Releases - 2015

Survey Scheduled for I-135 overpass in McPherson County (11/18/15)

K-43 Culvert Replacement in Dickinson Co. (10/21/15)

US-56 Improvements in McPherson County (Update) (10/9/15)

US-77 Reopened to Traffic at Milford (10/8/15)

US-77 Closed Due to Crash at Milford (10/8/15)

US-56/I-135 ramp Closure in McPherson County (10/1/15)

Surveys Scheduled for US-24 in Mitchell County (10/1/15)

K-177 Survey in Chase County (9/23/15)

US-50 passing lane project in Chase County (9/22/15)

K-150 closed to allow construction of Roundabout (9/22/15)

US-40BS Survey (corrected) (9/22/15)

Construction closes Spring Valley Rd in Junction City (9/3/15)

Survey on US-40B in Junction City (9/3/15)

K-148 RR Crossing UPDATE (9/3/15)

I-135 Sign Repairs in Saline County (CORRECTION) (9/2/15)

I-135 Sign Repairs in Saline County (9/2/15)

US-56/US-77 work closed K-150 (9/2/15)

RR Crossing on K-148 closed for Repairs (8/31/15)

Improvements on Spring Valley Rd to begin in Junction City (8/28/15)

US-56 K-256 work ends at Marion (8/28/15)

Phase 1 work on US-56 completion ends K-156 detour (8/28/15)

US-77 Improvements on Lacy Dr. begin next Phase (8/24/15)

I-70 Bridge Deck Repairs at Chapman UPDATE 2 (8/18/15)

I-70/US-91 Truss Replacement in Saline Co. (8/18/15)

Survey on K-177 in Chase County (8/13/15)

US-77 Rucker Rd Improvements UPDATE (8/13/15)

K-28 Bridge Replacement UPDATE 3 (8/11/15)

I-70 Bridge Repair at Chapman Interchange (8/11/15)

Pipe under K-148 Replaced in Washington County (7/31/15)

US-77 Improvements Lacy UPDATE (7/31/15)

K-148 Culvert Replacement in Washington County (7/30/15)

I-70 Bridge Deck Repairs in Ellsworth Co. (7/29/15)

K-28 Bridge Replacement UPDATE 2 (7/27/15)

US-81 Mill & Overlay in Republic Co. (7/27/15)

K-28 Bridge Replacement UPDATE (7/28/15)

I-70 Bridge Deck Repair (UPDATE) (7/27/15)

I-70 Bridge Deck Repairs at Chapman (7/24/15)

K-80 Recycle & Seal (UPDATE) (7/22/15)

K-80 Surface Recycle & Chip Seal in Clay County (7/21/15)

Survey on K-15/US-56 in Marion County (7/20/15)

K-28 Bridge Replacement correction 3 (7/16/15)

K-57 Culvert Replacement (7/15/15)

K-28 Bridge Replacement Correction 2 (7-15/15)

K-15 Survey in Washington County (7/14/15)

US-77 Improvements (UPDATE 2) (7/10/15)

K-177 Overpass Survey in Chase County (7/10/15)

K-43 Overlay in Dickinson County (7/10/15)

US-77 Improvements UPDATE 2 (7/2/15)

US-77 Improvements UPDATE (7/1/15) 

US-77 Improvements at Junction City to Begin (6/26/15)

US-56/US-77 Roundabout Construction Begins (6/2/15)

I-70 Bridge deck Repairs in Geary County (6/23/15)

US-56/US-77 Roundabout Project Begins (6/9/15)

K-160 Bridge Replacement at Moundridge (6/9/15)

K-148 Mill & Overlay in Jewell/Republic Counties (6/1/15)



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