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Safety is top priority on U.S. 75/N.W. 46th Street reconstruction

Jan. 29, 2002 (Release 02-007)


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U.S. 75/N.W. 46th Street reconstruction

Safety is KDOTís top priority

Safety. Itís a small word with a big meaning for KDOT.

Maintaining the safety of the traveling public is KDOTís top priority. Working with business and home owners to provide as much access as possible during a construction project is also very important but, ultimately, it all comes back to safety.

Reconstruction work on the U.S. 75/N.W. 46th Street intersection just north of Topeka is scheduled to begin this summer. For approximately three months, 46th Street traffic will not be able to cross U.S. 75. In addition, access to and from 46th Street to U.S. 75 will be restricted. Through traffic on U.S. 75 will not be affected during these three months. The entire project is expected to take about 1Ĺ years to complete, weather permitting.

Early in the planning process, KDOT designers thought it would be possible to keep 46th Street open across U.S. 75 during the entire project. Further review showed that allowing through traffic on 46th Street would create an unsafe situation, making it necessary for the three-month closure.

Once finished, the project will replace the existing signalized intersection with an interchange that will allow free flow of through traffic on both U.S. 75 and N.W. 46th Street as well as free flowing movements from one road to the other. A roundabout will be constructed on N.W. 46th Street to provide the free flow condition. The completed project will result in a safer, more efficient transportation system that will accommodate the predicted doubling of traffic volumes over the next 20 years.

KDOT understands that this reconstruction project will be an inconvenience and appreciates the patience of all motorists, home owners and business owners.

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