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KDOT announces Local Partnership Program projects

July 23, 2002 (Release 02-080)


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KDOT announces Local Partnership Program projects

State and local funds totaling $31.6 million were approved recently for 49 construction projects in cities across Kansas through the Kansas Department of Transportation's Local Partnership Program. The program financially assists local governments in making needed road improvements on city connecting links and other city and county roads. It's divided into three categories - City Connecting Link (KLINK) Resurfacing, Geometric Improvements and Economic Development.

City Connecting Link projects are on city streets that connect two rural portions of the state highway system and are for resurfacing the existing roadway. Geometric improvement projects are designed to help cities widen pavements, add or widen shoulders, eliminate steep hills or sharp curves and add needed acceleration and deceleration lanes. Economic development projects are intended to enhance economic development in the state. Most cities with City Connecting Links of the State Highway System within their boundaries are eligible to apply for KLINK and Geometric Improvement funds. Any local unit of government or state agency may be considered for Economic Development funds for a highway or bridge construction project that has the potential to enhance and increase the area's income, employment and land values.

Enactment of the Comprehensive Transportation Program by the 1999 Legislature allowed continuation of the three local partnership programs, which have been in existence since 1986. As part of the new program, funding for these local partnership programs increased.

Following is a list of approved cities, highways and Local Partnership Program projects.

Economic Development - 8 projects

Edwardsville - I-435 and Woodend Avenue interchange, widening and reconstruction; Marysville - Junction of 11th Road and North Street west 0.6 mile, reconstruction; Goodland - K-27 from 16th Street to 19th Street, reconstruction; Cherryvale - Liberty Street between the north and south U.S. 169 bypass access points, overlay; Frontenac - East McKay Street from Santa Fe Street east 0.4 mile, reconstruction; Lebo - Ogden Street from the south city limits to the north city limits of Lebo, mill and overlay; Conway Springs - Parallel Street between Third and Fifth Streets in Conway Springs, reconstruction; Wichita - K-2/K-42, Hoover Road from Harry Street to south of 31st Street South, reconstruction.

Geometric Improvement - 13 projects

Atchison - U.S. 73 at Shannon Industrial Park, deceleration lane construction; Leavenworth - Intersection of U.S. 73/K-7 and 10th Street, widening; Manhattan - Intersection of Kimball Avenue and Tuttle Creek Boulevard, construct second northbound left turn lane; Abilene - K-15 north of I-70 north to Roller Coaster Road, widening; Clay Center - U.S. 24 from the U.S. 24/K-15 junction east through Eighth Street, curb and gutter, sidewalk and overlay; Junction City - Intersection of U.S. 40B and Golden Belt Boulevard, construct roundabout; Atwood - U.S. 36 from east of Fourth Street to east of Seventh Street, reconstruction; WaKeeney - U.S. 283 from the south city limits of WaKeeney north 0.4 mile to the south I-70 interchange ramps, curb and gutter; Arma - U.S. 69 Alternate from Washington Street north to the north city limits of Arma, mill, overlay, curb and gutter, storm sewer; Kiowa - K-2 from Barnes Street to Hardtner Street, curb and gutter; Cimarron - U.S. 50 from Chestnut Street east 0.2 mile, reconstruction; Dighton - K-96 from First Street west to Fourth Street, reconstruction; Garden City - Crestway Drive to the northbound ramps at the junction of U.S. 50/U.S. 83/U.S. 400, widen to five lanes, curb and gutter, overlay.

City Connecting Links Resurfacing - 28 projects

Atchison - U.S. 73 from south city limits of Atchison to the intersection of 10th and Main, patching and surfacing; Kansas City - K-32 from the junction of Old Kansas Avenue to 600 feet west of the I-635 ramps (eastbound lane only), reconstruction; Lawrence - U.S. 40 from Industrial Lane to the north city limits and from Learnard Avenue to Silicon Avenue mill, patch and overlay; Leavenworth - U.S. 73/K-7 from Limit Street to Pennsylvania Street, mill and overlay; Wamego - K-99 from Valley Street to Fourth Street and from Eighth Street to U.S. 24, mill, patch, seal and overlay; Westwood - U.S. 169 from Shawnee Mission Parkway to 47th Street, mill, overlay and concrete pavement; Concordia - K-9 from Cedar Street to Broadway Street, mill and overlay; Enterprise - K-43 from the south city limits of Enterprise to the Smoky Hill River bridge, recycle and seal; Colby - K-25 from the westbound I-70 ramps north to College Street, mill and overlay; Junction City - K-57 from 10th Street to 18th Street, mill, recycle and overlay; Phillipsburg - U.S. 183 from State Street to Walnut Street, mill, overlay and concrete pavement; Coffeyville - U.S. 169 from 1,000 feet south of 15th Street south 3,500 feet, concrete grinding and joint seal; Girard - K-57 from the west city limits to the east city limits of Girard, mill, patch and seal; Independence - U.S. 75 from Morningside Drive to Rajah Road, mill, repair and overlay.

Ottawa - U.S. 59 from Logan Street to south of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad bridge, mill and overlay; Parsons - U.S. 400 from 23rd Street to 32nd Street, mill and overlay; Waverly - K-31 from Sixth Street to Pierson Street, overlay; Anthony - K-179 from the south city limits of Anthony to Main Street, asphalt seal; Arkansas City - U.S. 77B intersection of Maple Avenue and Summit Street, mill and overlay; El Dorado - State Street to Jones Street on Central Avenue and Post Road to McCollum Road on Main Street, mill, patch and overlay; Great Bend - U.S. 56 from Adams Street to Main Street, mill and overlay; Harper - U.S. 160 from the junction of U.S. 160 and K-14, east 0.6 mile, mill and overlay; Hutchison - K-61 from the junction of U.S. 50 to 1,050 feet north of 30th Avenue, pavement repair; Kingman - U.S. 54 from the west city limits of Kingman to Elm Street, mill and overlay; Wellington - U.S. 160 from High Street to Poplar Street, slab replacement and joint repair; Garden City - U.S. 50B from Eighth Street to Main Street, reconstruction; Leoti - K-96 from the intersection of K-96 and K-25 west 500 feet, reconstruction; Liberal - U.S. 83, 1/2 mile east of Western Avenue east to Clay Avenue, reconstruction.