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KDOT Soliciting Local Partnership Program Proposals

June 19, 2002 02-063
News Contact: Stan Whitley, (785) 296-3585

KDOT Soliciting Local Partnership Program Proposals

The Kansas Department of Transportation announced it is soliciting proposals from local units of government for projects in three categories to be considered under its Local Partnership Program.v KDOT divides the projects into the categories of KLINK Resurfacing, Geometric Improvement of City Connecting Links, and Economic Development. KDOT is accepting proposals for Fiscal Year 2005 KLINK projects and Fiscal Year 2006 Geometric Improvement and Economic Development projects. The KLINK program includes resurfacing projects intended to improve roadway surfacing of city connecting links on the State Highway System. KLINK projects are on city streets connecting two rural portions of state highway and are maintained by the city.

The Geometric Improvement program is intended to help cities widen pavements, add or widen shoulders, eliminate steep hills or sharp curves and add needed turning lanes, acceleration lanes and deceleration lanes on City Connecting Links. The connecting links are city streets which connect two rural portions of the State Highway System.

The Economic Development program of highway and bridge construction is intended to enhance economic development of the state. Any prospective highway or bridge project which may be considered to have the potential to significantly enhance the income, employment, sales receipts and land values of the surrounding area may be considered under the program.

KDOT has mailed applications to local units of governments for submitting projects within the three categories. Proposals must be submitted to KDOT by Aug. 1, 2002. The selected projects will be announced in spring 2003.

For more information, contact the Bureau of Program Management at (785) 296-3526. Program information is also available on KDOT's web site at www.ksdot.org, Doing Business, Information for Local Units of Government.