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Portion of K-7 Receives Designation as Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

Jan. 15, 2003 (03-006)


For more information, contact:
Marty Matthews, KDOT, (785) 296-3585
Deborah Divine, Kansas Scenic Byways Program,
(785) 827-3603/1-800-684-6966

The Kansas Department of Transportation recently designated K-7 from Leavenworth to the Kansas/Nebraska border as the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway. This is the fifth byway to be designated as a Kansas Scenic Byway by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The Glacial Hills Scenic Byway begins at the intersection of K-7 and K-92 in Leavenworth and extends 63 miles north/south through the Glacial Hills of Atchison, Doniphan, and Leavenworth Counties in northeast Kansas. The communities of Atchison, Leavenworth, Troy and White Cloud are along the route.

The local communities and counties have joined together to nominate and plan for this scenic byway with the vision of sharing the heritage of Kansas’ oldest communities along a rural and unique landscape of a river bluff corridor. Just as Abraham Lincoln toured these communities during his 1859 campaign tour, the communities would like to encourage Kansans and our visitors to tour the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway. Plans call for development of interpretive signs related to the natural as well as rural heritage of the area. An historic barn alliance is already at work developing tours of the unique barns in the area.

Local Glacial Hills Scenic Byway Steering Committee consists of: Gary Satter, Glacial Hills RC&D Council, Valley Falls; Galen Weiland, Doniphan County Economic Development Commission, Elwood; Rodney and Judy Woodruff, White Cloud; George Jorgensen, Troy; Suzette McCord-Rogers, Native American Heritage Museum, Highland; Theresa Rohrer, Troy; Kirk Thompson, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, Atchison; Stan Larson, Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce, Atchison; Chris Taylor, Atchison County Historical Society, Atchison; Emma Vantine, Glick Mansion Bed and Breakfast, Atchison; Connie Hachenberg, Leavenworth Convention & Visitors Bureau, Leavenworth; Executive Director of the Leavenworth County Historical Society, Leavenworth; and Planner, City Planning Department, Leavenworth.

Members of the Kansas Scenic Byways Committee are: Bill Leek, Landscape Architect-KDOT (Chair); Paul Ahlenius, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, KDOT; Ed DeTrude, Landscape Architect, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks; Martha Hagedorn-Krass, Architectural Historian, Cultural Resources Division, Kansas State Historical Society; Kelli Hilliard, Group Tour Manager, Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing Travel & Tourism Development Division; David LaRoche, Federal Highway Administration (ex officio) and Deborah Divine, Kansas Scenic Byways Program Manager (ex officio).

People interested in nominating a road for Kansas scenic byway designation may obtain an application kit from Deborah Divine, Program Manager, at the Kansas Scenic Byways Clearinghouse, by calling 1-800-684-6966 or 785-827-3603, or by writing c/o Bucher, Willis & Ratliff Corporation, 609 West North Street, Salina, KS 67401.