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Getting the most up-to-date information in Kansas is as easy as calling 5-1-1. By calling "511" on any phone (wireline and wireless) from anywhere in Kansas you can learn about road conditions, construction detours and travel weather information for the Kansas turnpike and any Interstate, US, or state highway in Kansas and Nebraska. You can reach Kansas 511 from anywhere in the U.S. or Puerto Rico by calling 1-866-511-KDOT (5368) or if dialing 511 doesn't work from your phone.
Image For more information about the Kansas 511 Phone System, go to Phone 511


511 Website (http://511.ksdot.org)

This website provides you:
Image A map that shows road condition and construction/detour information for the Kansas state highway system, including Interstate, U.S. and State highways, and the Kansas Turnpike.


Image Links to:

  • Closed Roads Report - provides a list of roads closed due to weather (flooding or winter weather conditions), construction/maintenance or incident, and snow and ice road conditions
  • 511 Travel/Traffic Information - provides a page with various travel and traffic information links, including more information about 511
  • 511 Mobile - provides information about how to access travel information on your mobile device
  • Weather - links directly to weatherforyou.com
  • Kansas City Scout - links directly to the KC Scout Web site
  • Detour and Construction Activity Map - links to a printable version of this map with a list of Construction alerts and their descriptions
  • Nationwide Traffic Information - links directly to the Nationwide Traffic Information Web site
  • Kansas Map - provides a downloadable .pdf of the Kansas State Map
  • KDOT Internet - links directly to the KDOT Internet home page
  • AMBER Alert - links directly to the Kansas AMBER Alert Web site


Image For more information about using the 511 Web site, go to Web 511

511 Mobile (http://511mm.ksdot.org)

You may use your mobile device (Blackberries, Smart phones, or other mobile internet access devices) to get a list of closed roads and driving conditions on the state highway system (including Interstate, U.S. and state highways and the Kansas turnpike), in any of the following ways:
Image Enter http://511mm.ksdot.org into your browser
Image Click on the mobile link at the top of the 511 web site (http://511.ksdot.org)
Image On the KDOT Internet Web site (http://www.ksdot.org/):

  • Place your mouse over the Travel/Traffic Info menu bar (blue bar on the left side and click on What is 511 Travel Info? Or
  • Click on the Travel/Traffic Info menu bar (blue bar on the left side) and then click on the 511 Mobile link in the 511 Helpful Tips box (lower left corner)

The list of closed roads and driving conditions you will receive includes:
Image Road closures due to weather (flooding or winter weather conditions), construction/maintenance or incident
Image Snow and ice road conditions

No sign-up or subscription is required to get this information.

Written reports only are currently provided for mobile devices. If you wish to see maps or graphics, go to the 511 Web site (shown above).

Safety Reminder
While the 511 Web site should assist you with pre-trip planning, the 511 phone system and the 511 mobile internet access can assist you with obtaining updated information for en route travel decisions. For everyone's safety, please don't use these resources while you are driving.