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Oil Prices Prompt Changes

April 4, 2000 (Release 00-058)
News Contact: Marty Matthews, (785) 296-3585

Oil Prices Prompt Changes

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is changing the contract letting dates of ten projects due to the present price of liquid asphalt. Asphalt is a petroleum-based product that has been affected by the increase in oil prices in the early months of this year. KDOT expects to save money by delaying the letting dates of these projects.

"We are cautiously optimistic that the recently approved increases in oil production will bring oil prices back down," said E. Dean Carlson, Kansas Secretary of Transportation. "This in turn should also bring down the cost of liquid asphalt."

KDOT does not expect the letting date changes to have a major impact on the completion dates of these projects, but the changes will require contractors to work through the winter months.

The county where the project will take place, the project number, original letting date and new letting date are listed below.

CountyProject NumberFrom LettingTo Letting
Hamilton50-38 K 5743-01 (Rehab)April 00September 00
Hamilton50-38 K 5743-01 (Reconst)April 00September 00
Marion77-57 K 5768-01June 00October 00
Wilson75-103 K 2650-01June 00October 00
Kearny50-47 K 5744-01July 00September 00
Cloud81-15 K 4956-05July 00September 00
Republic81-79 K 5021-04 (Rehab)July 00September 00
Republic81-79 K 5021-04 (Reconst)July 00September 00
Republic81-79 K 5022-04July 00September 00
Rawlins36-77 K 5741-01July 00September 00