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Public Hearings
Proposed Lane Mile Removals for System Enhancement Projects

May 8, 2000 (Release 00-075)
News Contact: Marty Matthews, (785) 296-3585

Public Hearings
Proposed Lane Mile Removals for System Enhancement Projects

Note: Routes listed indicate where lane miles might be removed, not the System Enhancement Project.

District 4 (Southeast Kansas)

KDOT District Four Conference Room
411 West 14th
Chanute, KS

Monday, June 12, 2000

10 a.m.Project L128US-75 in Caney
11 a.m.Project L136K-39/57 Reroute in Chanute
1 p.m.Project L015K-101 in Labette County
2 p.m.Project L025 
 Project L028US-69 and 69B in Pittsburg
 US-69 in Frontenac
 US-69B in Arma
3 p.m.Project L113US-400/160 in Parsons

District 5 (South Central Kansas)

KDOT District Five Conference Room
1220 West Fourth Street
Hutchinson, KS

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

1 p.m.Project L003US-56/K-156/K-96 in Great Bend
 Project L004 
2 p.m.Project L005US-56/K-96 in Ellinwood
 K-171 and K-46 in Rice Co.
 K-96 in Nickerson
3 p.m.Project L154K-53 in Mulvane
4 p.m.Project L123*K-14 in Reno County

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

9 a.m.Project L006US-281 in Hoisington
10 a.m.Project L010US-54, US-77 & K-254 in El Dorado
11 a.m.Project L021US-77, US-77B & US-166 in Arkansas City
1 p.m.Project L024US-77 in Winfield
2 p.m.Project L083K-2 in Harper
3 p.m.Project L111US-54 in Pratt, Kingman & Cunningham
 K-64 in Pratt County
4 p.m.Project L112US-54 in Greensburg, Haviland, & Cullison

District Two (North Central Kansas)

KDOT District Two Conference Room
1006 North Third Street
Salina, KS

Thursday, June 15, 2000

9 a.m.Project L017K-9 in Concordia
10 a.m.Project L121US-56 in McPherson
11 a.m.Project L123*K-86 & K-175 in McPherson Co.
 US-81B in Lindsborg/McPherson Co. *

*Also see District 5

District 6 (Southwest Kansas)

KDOT District Six Conference Room
121 North Campus Drive
Garden City, KS

Friday, June 16, 2000

9 a.m.Project L058K-156 in Garden City
10 a.m.Project L069US-50B in Dodge City
 Project L070 
 Project L071 
11 a.m.Project L172US-54 in Liberal
 Project L173 

District 1 (Northeast Kansas)

KDOT District One Conference Room
121 West 21st Street
Topeka, KS

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

9 a.m.Project L041US-40 & US-59 in Lawrence
 Project L042 
10 a.m.Project L109US-169 in Overland Park
11 a.m.Project L119K-78 in Lyon Co
 K-57/99 in Emporia
1 p.m.Project L152K-113 in Manhattan
2 p.m.Project L192US-24/40 in Kansas City
3 p.m.Project L194US-69 in Mission

District 3 (Northwest Kansas)

Has no affected projects.


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