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Fun facts/figures involving East Topeka Interchange

Aug. 1, 2001 (Release 01-097)


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Fun facts/figures involving East Topeka Interchange

It is the largest project let to construction by the Kansas Department of Transportation or the Kansas Turnpike Authority, and come Wednesday, Aug. 1, the dream of a new East Topeka Interchange will become a reality. You can see why this project took three construction seasons to build by looking at the amount of materials and size of the project below.

  • 5,660,000 pounds of structural steel
  • 10,801 feet of prestressed beams
  • 16 bridges within the 39 lane miles of roadway built on the project
  • 38,220 shear studs
  • 23,966 square yards of overlay
  • 4,385,000 cubic yards of excavation
  • 364,700 square yards of concrete pavement
  • Six miles of ramps
  • 5,899 feet of steel piling
  • 3,684,000 pounds of reinforcing steel