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It's never too late to adopt a highway

March 28, 2003 Release 03-030


News Contact: Kim Stich, (785) 296-3585 

It’s never too late to adopt a highway

It’s never too late to participate in the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) Adopt-A-Highway program. Even though there are a number of organizations which have cleaned up a section of highway since the program began in Kansas in December 1989, new groups can always join.

“With nearly 10,000 miles of highways in Kansas, the need for Adopt-A-Highway groups is great,” said Scott Cushing, KDOT Engineering Technician Senior and Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator in Topeka. “There are highways available to adopt across the entire state.”

Currently, there are about 1,700 groups participating in the program. Many of the urban stretches of roadway have been adopted, but numerous sections in the rural areas are obtainable as well.

“It is amazing how much trash collects along the highway right of way over time.  Without the involvement of these citizens in the program, we would have some very ugly roadsides,” Cushing said. “There is a very distinct difference in the appearance of those highways that are regularly cleaned up versus those that are not adopted by a group.” 

Some groups that participated when the program began 13 years ago are now rejoining and getting involved in the program again. “Organizations find that the Adopt-A-Highway program is a great way to be active in the community,” Cushing said. “They can help the environment while improving safety and making Kansas look great all at the same time.”

Groups clean their sections of roadway three times a year at their convenience. Most choose to schedule a clean-up time in the spring, summer and fall. A lot of groups combine the work with play – after they clean the roadway, they schedule an activity such as a picnic or a softball game.

Adopt-A-Highway groups are gearing up for the annual Clean Up Kansas Campaign which will take place during the month of April. The event is sponsored by KDOT.

Any non-profit group that does not discriminate upon the basis of race, religion or sex can adopt a section of roadway. Youth groups with members at least 11 years old are also eligible. KDOT provides each group with safety training, trash bags, orange vests and signs for their adopted stretch of highway.

For more information, contact the KDOT office in your area.

KDOT phone numbers

(Just ask for the Adopt-A-Highway coordinator in the KDOT office located closest to you.)
Northeast Kansas North Central Kansas

Topeka, (785) 296-2291

Horton, (785) 486-2142

Osage City, (785) 528-3128

Kansas City, (913) 299-3750

Wamego, (785) 456-2353

Olathe, (913) 764-0987

Salina, (785) 823-3754

Clay Center, (785) 632-3108

Mankato, (785) 378-3166

Marion, (620) 382-3717

Ellsworth, (785) 472-4447

Northwest Kansas Southeast Kansas

Norton, (785) 877-3315

Phillipsburg, (785) 543-2163

Atwood, (785) 626-3258

Hays, (785) 625-9718

Oakley, (785) 672-3113

Chanute, (620) 431-1000

Iola, (620) 365-2161

Garnett, (785) 448-5446

Independence, (620) 331-3760

Pittsburg, (620) 231-7560

South Central Kansas Southwest Kansas

Hutchinson, (620) 663-3361

Pratt, (620) 672-7494

El Dorado, (316) 321-3370

Winfield, (620) 221-3370

Great Bend, (620) 793-5408

Wichita, (316) 744-1271

Garden City, (620) 276-3241

Syracuse, (620) 384-7821

Liberal, (620) 624-4451

Dodge City, (620) 227-6122