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511 logs more than 26,000 calls

February 2, 2004 (04-017)


News Contact: Krista Roberts  (785) 296-3585

511 logs more than 26,000 calls

The word is getting out about the most up-to-date travel information in Kansas. More than 26,000 people used the new Kansas 511 during the winter storm on Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1 according to the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

KDOT launched the new traveler information system last month.  It offers road conditions, construction detours and weather information for the State Highway System.

Phones in Kansas can reach Kansas 511 by simply dialing 511 from a landline or wireless phone.  Anyone experiencing trouble reaching Kansas 511 can also access the system by calling 1-866-511-KDOT.  Both are toll-free numbers. Depending on their individual plans, most cellular users will be charged minutes, but not roaming fees.

“We are extremely pleased that word about 511 is getting out,” said KDOT spokesperson Krista Roberts.  “We think it’s a valuable system and we encourage people to let us know what they think about it.”  Roberts said that over the weekend callers left nearly 200 comments.  She said, “Many callers wanted to let us know that they thought 511 was a great improvement over our old 585-ROAD hotline because it is simpler, more complete and quicker to use.”

511 checks for updates to weather and road condition information every fifteen minutes.  Road condition information is entered by KDOT crews across the state.  The same road condition information is also available for people with Internet Explorer through KDOT’s Kanroad system at www.kanroad.org.

Kansas 511 call figures:
1/31/04 Saturday 7,588 calls
2/1/04 Sunday 17,676 calls
Weekend total:   26,264 calls