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KDOT Selects Transportation Enhancement Projects

May 17, 2005 (05-089)


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KDOT Selects Transportation Enhancement Projects

The Kansas Department of Transportation has selected 42 projects for inclusion in its Transportation Enhancement program for Federal Fiscal Years 2006-2007.

Total cost for the selected projects was $44.7 million with a minimum of 20 percent of the project cost coming from the project applicants. KDOT had received 67 applications from local units of government for funding consideration totaling more than $59.4 million.

"The Transportation Enhancement program provides federal highway funds for projects that strengthen the cultural, aesthetic or environmental value of our transportation system," said KDOT Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller. "This program has been very popular in the state and these improvements couldn't have happened without local partners and KDOT working together."

Transportation Enhancement projects under this federal program fall into three major program categories. They include Historic, Pedestrian/Bicycle and Scenic/Environmental projects.

Examples of Historic category projects include: acquisition of historic sites; historic highway programs (including tourist and welcome center facilities); historic - preservation; rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, structures or facilities; archaeological planning and research; and the establishment of transportation museums.

Pedestrian and Bicycle category examples include: facilities for pedestrians and bicycles; pedestrian or bicycle trails; and safety/educational activities for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Scenic and Environmental category examples include: acquisition of scenic easements and scenic sites; scenic highway programs; landscaping and other scenic beautification; control and removal of outdoor advertising; and environmental mitigation to address water pollution due to highway runoff.

The 42 selected projects and their sponsors are listed below.


Osage City - Construct bike/pedestrian path; Shawnee County - Construct bike/pedestrian path adjacent to Lake Shawnee; Tonganoxie - Construct bike/pedestrian facility; Shawnee - Construct recreational trail from Gamblin Park to K-7; Olathe - Construct bike/pedestrian path along Little Cedar Creek; Topeka - Construct bike/pedestrian path on Deer Creek Trail; Olathe - Construct bike/pedestrian path along Lone Elm Road; Cottonwood Falls - Construct bike/pedestrian path and restoration of Cottonwood River bridge; Parsons - Construct bike/pedestrian path along Old Frisco railroad right of way; Pittsburg - Construct bike/pedestrian trail; Goodard - Construct bike/pedestrian path; Derby - Construct bike/pedestrian path and landscaping; Andover - Construct bike/pedestrian path; Arkansas City - Construct bike/pedestrian path; Wichita - Construct bike/pedestrian path; South Hutchinson - Pedestrian hiking and biking facilities.


Wichita - Reconstruction and repair of Minisa bridge; Baldwin City - Rehabilitation of Women's Bridge; Marysville - Remove and replace brick pavement; Concordia - Restore Union Pacific Railroad; Goodland - Replace brick pavement at intersections of Ninth, 10th and 13th Streets on Main; Dodge City - Provide bridge funds for utility expenses; Kansas State Historical Society - Exterior restoration of Grinter Place; Kansas State Historical Society - Replace and refurbish Kansas State Historical highway markers.


Baldwin City - Streetscape improvements; Leavenworth - Streetscape improvements; Hiawatha - Sidewalk, curb and gutter and street light improvements; Olathe - Streetscape improvements; Atchison - Improvements to open air pedestrian mall; Salina - Landscaping and beautification on North Ninth and West Crawford; Junction City - Reconstruct drainage ditch, retaining walls and landscaping; Pittsburg - Streetscape improvements; Lenexa - Streetscape, bike/pedestrian path and environmental improvements; Hutchinson - Restoration of Cow Creek channel and replacement of pedestrian/bike trail; Arkansas City - Streetscape improvements; Colwich - Improve water pollution due to highway runoff; Hutchinson - Streetscape improvements; Garden City - Multi-use pathways and sidewalk/bike route enhancements; Elkhart - Streetscape improvements; Plains - Scenic beautification and multi-use pathways enhancement; Scott City - Streetscape improvements; KDOT - Fabrication and installation of Scenic byways route markers and directional signs.