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Time Running Out for System Enhancement Applications

July 14, 1999 (Release 99-142)
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Time Running Out for System Enhancement Applications

Kansas Secretary of Transportation E. Dean Carlson is advising local government officials to heed an upcoming deadline regarding applications for System Enhancement project funding.

"I want to remind you that all projects for the System Enhancement Program will be selected from these applications, and this is the only time System Enhancement projects will be solicited for the FY 2000-2009 Comprehensive Transportation Program, " Secretary Carlson wrote in a memo sent out July 13th. That memo was sent to county commissions, county engineers, road supervisors, mayors, city engineers, street superintendents and city clerks across the state.

The memo points out that information was sent to them last month detailing the application process for System Enhancement projects. The first step in the process is submitting a "Letter-of-Intent". This must be submitted no later than August 2, 1999 for a project to be considered for System Enhancement funding.

The new System Enhancement Program is made possible by the 1999 Kansas Legislature's enactment of the Comprehensive Transportation Program (CTP). The CTP allocates $1.05 billion dollars for this program.

"The System Enhancement Program is the best funding opportunity for many community's projects. Most of the money for construction in KDOT's other programs is already committed to projects, so this may be the only funding avenue available to some communities," said Secretary Carlson. " I'd hate to see them lose that chance because they missed a deadline and that's why I sent this reminder."

Information detailing the System Enhancement project application process may be viewed on the Kansas Department of Transportation's web site www.ksdot.org under "Doing Business," then "Information for Local Units of Government."