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 Topeka/Lawrence Metro Area
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The Topeka/Lawrence Metro Area is a beehive of transportation activity. In order to manage the growth and prepare for an efficient and effective transportation system, the Kansas Department of Transportation and many local partners are working together to study the area and develop plans for the future. Here is a sampling of the studies and projects underway in the Topeka/Lawrence Metro Area.

Topeka/Shawnee County Projects & Studies


Project Study

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT), along with partners, the City of Topeka and the Metropolitan Topeka Planning Organization, are conducting a study for the I-70 Polk-Quincy Viaduct in Topeka. The two-phase study will determine the future of the 3,800-foot long bridge located in downtown Topeka. During Phase I, the study team will identify a location and design concept on which to base future design work. Phase I is expected to be completed by early-2011. During Phase II of the study, engineers will conduct preliminary work to add detail to the location and design concept identified in Phase I. Phase II is scheduled to be completed in 2013. To find out more about the I-70 Topeka Polk-Quincy Viaduct Study, visit the study website at:




Lawrence/Douglas County Projects & Studies


South Lawrence Trafficway

In early November 2013, a three-year construction project will begin to complete the six-mile four-lane K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway freeway. The project will move existing K-10 onto a new alignment that will begin at the south junction of the U.S. 59 and K-10 interchange and reconnect with existing K-10 in east Lawrence (Douglas County). Construction work on the project will be completed in phases. Each phase includes specific work and advance notification will be sent under separate cover for each phase of construction, including planned traffic impacts. Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. (Columbia, MO) is the primary contractor on this expansion project with a total contract cost of $129.8 million. The overall scheduled completion date for the K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway project is Fall 2016.Updated traffic information for the K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway project can be viewed online:

An aerial map of the new K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway, including construction phasing and traffic impacts, can be found online here: K-10 SLT Project Construction Phasing Fact Sheet.



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