Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services - Career Opportunities


Engineering Positions

The Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services will challenge the new employee with a diversity of analysis and design experiences.
New engineers have the opportunity to explore many of the tasks listed below.

River Hydraulics
Bridge Sizing and Selection
Road Geometric Design
Bridge Drainage Systems
Soils and Foundation Engineering
Structural Analysis
Reinforced Concrete Design
Prestressed Concrete Design
Structural Steel Design
Concrete Box Design
Retaining Wall System Design
Bridge Cost Estimating
Construction Problem Solving
Computer Aided Drafting
Software Development

Once the employee gains bridge design experience, he/she may choose to specialize or concentrate on one of the more specific bridge fields listed below:

Bridge Design
Software Development
Signing and Lighting Structures
Standards and Manual Development
Bridge Inspection
Load Rating and Evaluation


Professional Development Opportunities Available In Topeka


Non-Degree Technical Positions

The Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services offers many challenging, non-degree, technical positions.

These Include:

Engineering Technician
Engineering Technician Associate
Application Developer II
Technical Support Consultant I
Engineering Technician Senior
Management Systems Analyst I
Engineering Technician Specialist

These non-degree technical positions will challenge the employee with a diversity of technical experiences including:

Computer Aided Drafting (CADD)
Highway and Bridge Geometrics
Plan Detail Checks and Quantity
Bridge Inspection
Bridge Evaluation and Rating Investigations
Special Bridge Inspections, Diving, Ultrasonic
Database Generation and Maintenance
Web Page Development and Maintenance
Hardware and Operating System
Installation and Maintenance