Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services

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Main Office

Bob Henthorne 

Bureau Chief
(785) 296-3531
(785)640-1080 Cell 
Email: Bob Henthorne  

Mark Hurt

State Bridge Engineer
(785) 296-4203
Email: Mark Hurt

Bridge Design Squads

Paul Kulseth

Senior Squad Leader
(785) 296-8905
Email: Paul Kulseth


Squad Leader
(785) 296-6468
Email: Vacant

Shawn Schwensen

Senior Squad Leader
(785) 296-6449
Email: Shawn Schwensen

Jeff Ruby

Squad Leader
(785) 296-4428
Email: Jeff Ruby

Karen Peterson

Senior Signing and Lighting Engineer
(785) 296-5559
Email: Karen Peterson 

Vu Thao

Signing and Lighting Engineer
(785) 368-7176
Email: Vu Thao

Brad Rognlie

QC/QA Engineer
(785) 296-8096
Email: Brad Rognlie

Hydraulics Squad

Michael J. Orth

Hydraulics Engineer
(785) 296-0419
Email: Michael J. Orth

Bridge Management

Dominique Shannon

Bridge Evaluation / Bridge Management Engineer
(785) 296-3347
Email: Dominique Shannon

Debra Briant

Bridge Maintenance Engineer
(785) 296-2066
Email: Debra Briant

Bridge Inspection

Don Whisler

Bridge Preservation Engineer
(785) 296-4435
(785) 608-6169 Cell
Email: Don Whisler

Jim Leaden

Bridge Inspection Engineer
(785) 296-5540
(785)633-4437 Cell
Email: Jim Leaden

John Culbertson

Special Bridge Inspection Engineer
(785) 296-5510
Email: John Culbertson


Kyle Halverson

Chief Geologist 
(785) 291-3860
Email: Kyle Halverson


Luke Metheny

Chief Geotechnical Engineer
(785) 291-3857
Email: Luke Metheny



Contact The Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services

Kansas Department of Transportation
Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services
Dwight D. Eisenhower State Office Building
700 SW Harrison Street
Topeka, KS 66603-3754
Phone: (785) 296-3531 - Fax: (785) 296-6946