CADD Resources


KDOT utilizes the following products in its Computer Aided Drafting and Design functions.

MicroStationV8i (Select Series)Bentley Systems
GEOPAK Civil SuiteV8i (Select Series)Bentley Systems
ProjectWiseV8i (Select Series)Bentley Systems
ProjectWise InterPlotV8i (Select Series)Bentley Systems
CADconformLatest -- check websiteAltiva Software
ControlCAD Altiva Software
DescartesV8i (Select Series)Bentley Systems
ImageStation PhotogrammetryV8Intergraph Corporation
AutoTurn7.1Transoft Solutions
TerraShare Image Server Intergraph Corporation


The resource files needed to properly utilize these products can be downloaded from KDOT's KART website at

This site provides the ability to download files and subscribe to email messages concerning these files. This site includes downloads for the following.


MicroStation Workspaces - (cells, levels, linestyles, CADconform files, GEOPAK files, etc)


KDOT Standard Drawings in dgn and pdf formats


Graphic Standard Manuals


Design Manuals


KDOT Bridge Software


Virtis Opis Library


BRASS Library