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Design Software Resources


KDOT utilizes the following products in its Computer Aided Drafting and Design functions.



Supported Version



MicroStation10.16.01.56Bentley Systems
OpenRoads SignCAD10.02.00.11Bentley Systems

Civil Design

OpenRoads Designer10.08.01.33Bentley Systems
OpenSite Designer10.08.01.33Bentley Systems
OpenBridge Modeler10.08.02.45Bentley Systems
AutoTURN Pro11.0.2.123Transoft Solutions

Engineering Document Management

ProjectWise10.00.03.453Bentley Systems

CADD Standards Conformance & Submittal Tools

CADconform8.1.36Altiva Software
ControlCADAltiva Software

The resource files needed to properly utilize these products can be downloaded from KDOT's KART website at http://kart.ksdot.gov

KART provides the ability to download files and subscribe to email messages concerning these files.


KDOT CONNECT Workspace v10.08.02

Download (4/1/2022)

This workspace contains numerous updates to the initial release based on the feedback received from internal users and our consultant partners. This workspace was developed targeting Civil Schema 2020 R2 (10.08), so care should be exercised to use the appropriate version of any Bentley Civil platform products to avoid issues. The workspace installer has also been updated to allow extraction of the workspace without the need to have a product installed. Please refer to the KDOT Workspace v10.08.02 Deployment Guide (included in the download) for more details. 

This release supports the following products:

  • ♦  MicroStation
  • ♦  gINT Civil Tools
  • ♦  OpenSite Designer
  • ♦  Civil Survey
  • ♦  OpenRoads Designer
  • ♦  Subsurface Utilities
  • ♦  OpenBridge Modeler / Designer

Please note the following links in the Start Menu after installation: 

  • KDOT CADD Support Website
  • Design Software Use Policy Memo
  • KDOT Graphic Standards Update Memo
    • This update contains updated guidance primarily surrounding file naming
  • Project Software Migration Guidance Calculator
    • -  This calculator was developed to assist those less familiar with the impacts of converting older projects to OpenRoads Designer make more informed decisions
  • KDOT Workspace Change Log
    •  Details many of the updates to the workspace in this release
Future Development
All workspace development (barring any necessary hotfixes) has now shifted to 10.10 Civil Schema leveraging Bentley’s 2021 R2 series of civil design applications. Development on a v10.10.01 release of the KDOT CONNECT Workspace is expected to wrap up by July 1st, 2022 with a workspace publish by the end of July.

For support, please reach out to KDOT#CADD.Support@ks.gov