Pre-Qualified Consultants


George Butler Associates, Inc.

Pre-Qualification Categories


Number Designation


Yes 161 Corridor / Project Feasibility Studies
Yes 163 Congestion Management / ITS
Yes 171 Environmental Documentation
Yes 172 Site Assessments
Yes 201 Location and Design Concept Studies / Corridor Studies
Yes 211 Highway Design - Major Facility
Yes 212 Highway Design - Minor Facility
Yes 221 Non-Standard Span Bridge Design
Yes 222 Standard Span Bridge Design
Yes 231 Traffic Control Analysis and Design
Yes 241 Construction Inspection and Testing
Yes 301 Land Surveying
Yes 302 Engineering Surveying
Yes 321 Bridge Structural Analysis
Yes 322 Bridge Inspection
Yes 324 Bridge Deck Evaluation
Yes 325 Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies
Yes 336 Right of Way Services
Yes 401 Landscape, Seeding and Erosion Control
Yes 411 Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Design
Yes 421 Architectural Design

Not Qualified

111 Rail Systems Planning
121 Aviation Systems / Airport Planning
131 Ports and Waterways Systems Planning
141 Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Planning
151 Public Transit Facilities and Systems Planning
162 Long Range Planning
173 Noise Impact Analysis
181 Corridor Enhancement / Scenic Byways
182 Parks and Recreation Planning
203 Value Engineering
311 Geotechnical Engineering Services
312 Materials Laboratory Testing Services
323 Underwater Bridge Inspection
331 Aerial Photogrammetry
332 Travel Studies
333 Geotechnical Specialty Services
334 Subsurface Utility Engineering
335 Railroad Infrastructure Design
402 Landscape Architectural Design
412 Parks and Recreation Design
431 Water and Wastewater Engineering
441 Maintenance Equip. Materials and Methods

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